South Africa: Former rugby star arrested after axe killings

There is lots of speculation as to who the ex-rugby player is that went on an axe-wielding killing spree in Durban, South Africa. Rugby is played mainly by the White population (with a few Affirmative Action quota players thrown in to balance the racial books) so the assumption is that the perpetrator is White (or at least, that’s what the ANC were praying for). Wrong. The most likely candidate is Joseph Ntshongwana, but we’ll have to wait to find out who exactly it is. This person decided to use his axe to decapitate a couple of his fellow Africans and killed another by hacking him with the axe. The initial motive offered was that he was avenging his daughter’s  gang-rape and subsequent HIV infection. Bizarrely, the police aren’t sure whether the perpetrator has any children or what the actual motive behind the murders is. Seems to me he’s a few cans short of a six-pack and “snapped”. Maybe one too many rugby tackles; or maybe it’s because he played for the Blue Bulls?

Hat tip: Julian B

A former Blue Bulls and South Africa U21 rugby player will appear in the Durban Magistrate’s Court today in connection with last week’s grisly axe killings of three men in Lamontville, Umbilo and Yellowwood Park in KwaZulu-Natal.

The 34-year-old played for the Blue Bulls’ Currie Cup and Vodacom Cup teams and the South African Barbarians.
He was arrested on Tuesday – a week after the first of the bizarre deaths in southern Durban.
When police released information on the killings last week, they claimed the killer may have been avenging the rape of his daughter, who was infected with HIV during the ordeal.
However, police yesterday could not confirm whether the former rugby player has a daughter.
According to police, the axe-wielding man allegedly targeted random men who were returning from work at night.
A 27-year-old man, who narrowly escaped last Tuesday, told police he was returning from work when a man in a grey car with an Eastern Cape number plate drove past him slowly in Lamontville.
He alleged that the driver stopped the car, jumped out and accused him of raping his daughter and infecting her with HIV.
The man told police that the attacker pulled out an axe and tried to hack him, but he managed to escape.
A day later, Ndodo Hlongwa was decapitated in the area. His head was found in a bin in Himalaya Road in Merebank.
Two more bodies were found in Yellowwood Park and Umbilo.
Police allegedly found a 40cm axe and clothing belonging to one of the victims in the suspect’s Yellowwood Park home.
The former rugby player will be charged on three counts of murder and attempted murder.



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  1. Your comments on affirmative selection in Rugby are outdated and bigotted. There are many black payers now selected on merit in SA. And why on earth would the ANC want to stoke racial tensions (ANC praying for a white perpetrator”)? speak for yourself and please, don't come back here with that attitude, rather stay there. Patriotic White South African, Durban

  2. Anonymous above obviously doesn't watch rugby, or knows anything about politics. It is, almost without exception, ONLY the A N C that stroke racial tension!

    Anyway, according to the BBC it seems that it was indeed Ntshongwana who did the chopping!

    Well predicted LL!

  3. nice to see you treating this story with a bit of decorum and respect. disgusting blog.

  4. AA rugby players are the worst players ever they can't kick throw or catch they omly seem to be able to run and no of course the anc would never ever want to stoke racial tensions if they wanted to promote racial tension they would have taken no action on malema they would promote useless thieves via aa, bee, bbbee ect. If they really wanted to promote racial tension they probably would have quota's for white sports and none for black sports but they would never do a thing like that would they. The anc would also not introduce a blatantly rasist law like the employment equity act that is also unconstitution and they would come down like a ton of bricks on manyi when he makes a rasist remark which he would never because he is non rasist himself ne.
    Regards a patriotic (to my own race) White South African,
    P.s. The sharks suck balls at rugby and if that is how you judge rugby then there is no wonder you consider aa players as 'selected on merit'.
    P.p.s. Why aren't there quota's on soccer, eh, maybe white players would show up the darkies by been able to kick the ball and pass it instead of egolistically trying to score the goal themselves.

  5. Evidently an axe provokes the same instinctive genocidal behaviour as a machete when placed in the hands of black African's.

  6. Anonymous @ 00.43. If this is such a disgusting blog, why don't you just piss of then? Nobody's forcing you to read this.

  7. Oh – I see I've struck a nerve with a few trolls here. If anyone above can name me more than 5 non-white players that merit selection into ANY Super 15 (let alone the Boks) side then I'll apologise. Lions: Jantjies (what a joke and no matter how much they invest in him he's still not worth it – can't kick, can't tackle, gets belted every game); BB – Chilliboy? (Another AA joke but the BB are forced to pick him); Cheetahs – Flors and Ashley Johnson?? (rather not go there); Stormers – Aploon (maybe), Habana (has been); de Jongh? (Another maybe but against Sonny Bill or Ma'a Nonu he's toast), Januarie aka Michilin Man (second rate but first pick for the Boks! Yeah, no AA there!); Sharks – Beast? (not SA, but a maybe, but he showed over the week-end that all he can do is scrum); Nokwe (showed this week-end he'd be a nothing against the AB but he's a bit better than Habana). Let me know if I've left any other rising Black stars out. I'm waiting to apologise.

    @Anon: 01:20 – disgusting is it? The guy murdered 3 people with an axe, hacking two heads off in the process. You call me disgusting?

    @Anon 00:36: – I'm waiting for your list of 5 to disprove to me that there isn't reverse racism in SA sports. And you can sleep easy – I won't ever be returning to SA. I love it here in racist Australia. It's brilliant and I should have left years ago.

  8. @anon – I see you come from Durban. Good, stay there you curry loving bunny. Get a grip. You may be patriotic, but that only means you have your head in the sand. Let me guess, crime does not exist. The abc is right wing. Cape town does not have any coloured. People like you make me sick.

    Do me a favour and fuck off (LL, feel free to delete post due to patriotic language)

  9. PS, the abc was not a typo…

  10. Nah Macaw – you're well within your rights on this one!

  11. He-He, looking at anonymous comments about race quotas, once again. I thank the Lord that I got into Australia more than 3 years ago. The reason being, imagine spending countless energy, time etc. in trying to justify something that you know isn't right. Ie – the new South Africa. Race quotas in rugby- you shout out to the world that they dont exist and everyone else is racist in their thinking and belief, that the under achieving player , who might be excellent at either running, tackling, interception, or one of the many skills needed to be a worthy elected player. However, with the obvious lack in other areas, they know and you know they were elected based on the kroesies on their heads.
    Call me a racist and you are glad that I buggered off, 3 years + ago. But deep down you know I am right and you wish you were here. Tonight I go to sleep with no alarm, no dog and no security company or corrupt cop to bother me.

  12. In my own opinion no body is allow to take somebody's life.

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