South Africa: ANCYL wants land grabs in Constitution

When South Africa fell into the hands of the Marxist ANC, they were lauded as having the best Constitution in the world! Now, 17-odd years later, this same ANC have tweaked, prodded and changed that constitution as required in order to justify what they’ve done and are going to do to the country. The latest amendment proposal from the ANC Youth League is the following: they propose to amend the property clause of the Constitution to empower the state to expropriate private property (especially land and mines) WITHOUT compensation, for redistribution purposes. The ANC must think the South African people are total morons (well, actually….). Not only are they after the private land and mines, they also want to expropriate key sectors of the economy without compensation “because paying all the key and strategic resources stolen from the black majority and Africans in particular will take more than a lifetime to realise”. Now, what resources are they talking about exactly? The gold and diamonds that the Black tribes walked all over for centuries without knowing what it was? Those resources? Or are they talking about the billions of dollars that the ANC have managed to swindle out of the tax payer’s purse to line their own pocket and feather their own nests. Now, if Julius Malema (he of the Grade G for Matric fame) and all his ANC comrades were to offer their properties, bank accounts, cars and other assets up for expropriation then maybe I’d feel a little bit of support for this economy destroying amendment, but I would bet all my assets that won’t happen. You see, it’s grand to demand everyone else give up all they’ve worked hard to build up in their life time, but it’s a totally foreign concept to these Marxist thugs that they in fact are the problem and not the solution to their people. The irony completely escapes them…. 

Hat tip: Rextrut

The ANCYL proposes amending the property clause of the Constitution to empower the state to expropriate private property, particularly land and mines, without compensation, according to discussion documents released on Tuesday.

“Amendment of the property clause to empower the state to expropriate for public purpose and in the public interest is therefore vital… ,” the ANC Youth League’s document on economic transformation reads.

“Constitutional limitations to this noble obligation of the democratic government should therefore be aligned to the values of redress and the need to bring dignity to the lives of many South Africans.”

ANCYL leader Julius Malema raised this at the close of the league’s national general council last year. The discussion documents were released ahead of the ANCYL national congress in June when the proposals would be discussed and may be concretised in resolutions.

According to the document the ANC has a responsibility to move towards the attainment of the Freedom Charter’s objectives for the people to share in the country’s wealth.

“This can only happen through enabling the state to expropriate private property, particularly land and mines without compensation for redistribution purposes.

“This arises out of the reality that for the sustainable equitable economic development and growth that will benefit all people, the state has no other option but to decisively transfer wealth, particularly natural resources from those who currently own, for public purposes and in the public interest.”

The state should expropriate key sectors of the economy without compensation “because paying all the key and strategic resources stolen from the black majority and Africans in particular will take more than a lifetime to realise”.

Despite the consolidation of political power, the post-democratic government had not faired well in transforming the economy. The document details the country’s dire unemployment statistics and its failure to meet targets in land redistribution and mine ownership. It also spells out inequalities in the country, characterised by a “persistent racial and gender undertone”.

“The persistent racialised and gendered social inequality in our country calls upon the ANC to seriously rethink the development trajectory travelled since the democratic breakthrough in 1994.”

Expropriation of strategic sectors of the economy without compensation is one of the league’s seven “cardinal pillars of economic freedom”. The others include: nationalisation for industrialisation, a radical land restitution programme, inclusive and decentralised economic growth and development, and investment in the development of the African economy.

The transfer of wealth to the majority should focus on the “commanding heights of the economy”, as detailed in the Freedom Charter, including minerals, metals, banks, energy production, telecommunications, control of transport and logistics.

“The ownership of minerals beneath the soil could effectively entail discontinuation of total private ownership of production means in the production of mineral wealth in SA.”

Establishment of an “efficient and impactful” state-owned mining company was one of the ways to help transfer mineral wealth to the people. The document details the benefits of nationalisation of the mines.

The league’s document on social transformation analyses progress made on issues such as the impact of unemployment and poverty on the youth, drugs and substance abuse, sport, the youth and crime and social cohesion.



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