South Africa – Shoot the boer (farmer) not a reference to ethnic group: Hanekom

Don’t you just love traitors? Here you have the (White) deputy minister of science and technology telling the South African people that to sing: “kill the boer, kill the farmer” is not hate speech if sung in the right spirit! Yes, that right folks – just sing about Hitler in the right spirit and you’ll be fine. Just sing about any other murderous events in history in the right spirit and people shouldn’t take it the wrong way. Just how does this guy sleep at night – knowing that he’s contributing to even more South African farmers being killed? But, I guess when you’re a member of the ANC then you don’t have any morals so he probably sleeps just fine. Mr Hanekom, I suggest you stick to science and technology, because South Africa needs you to do your proper job –  like trying to educate the Blacks – not act like a useful White fool when the ANC needs a Whitey to go in and bat for them in court. You are a disgrace to your race. But, it seems that Mr Malema didn’t get your PC memo on what the party line is because he was telling his supporters outside of court to continue with their militancy and radical stance, as the judges are owned by the ANC and they support his ‘revolution’. Guess you look a bit stupid now, ne Mr Hanekom?

ANC national executive committee member Derek Hanekom, who is also the deputy minister of science and technology, was testifying in the hate speech trial of ANC Youth League president Julius Malema.

He told the court it would be helpful if the group of people who felt hurt by the song understood it.

“The spirit [in which it is sung] does not even constitute hate speech,” he told the court.

Hanekom said there was no intention to do harm or incite violence when the song was sung.

“It’s in a friendly atmosphere,” he said, adding that he would support a national dialogue in this regard. “… We need to talk to each other a bit more,” he said.

In his experience in the ANC, which he joined in 1980, it was never the party’s intention to “exclude anybody”, Hanekom testified.

The ANC’s main objective was to obtain a non-racial, non-sexist and united society, he said.

Hanekom said that during the struggle, liberation songs were “just that”.

“White, black, Jewish, Muslim… people sang struggle songs… It was very important as a mobilisation tool.”

Today, he said, the singing of liberation songs was a celebration of “who we are”, and they represented “every part of our history”, “and the fact we’ve brought to an end an unjust system”.

Malema is on trial in the Equality Court on a charge of hate speech brought by the civil rights group AfriForum over his singing of a struggle song containing the lyrics “shoot the boer” or “awudubhule ibhunu”.

On Thursday, Malema told hundreds of supporters outside the High Court, that the hate speech case was just a test for the “revolution”.

“There is no individual on trial… they are testing our revolution… they are testing methods we used to defeat them,” he said.

“These judges are our judges. Whether you like it or not, they work for the government… the government which is us, the ANC,” Malema said.

He asked the group to maintain their “militancy” and to not apologise for being radical.

Also on Thursday, AfriForum threatened to bring an additional hate speech charge against Malema and another against ANCYL spokesman Floyd Shivambu for encouraging people outside the court to sing the lyrics with them.

The case continues.



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  1. Hanekom represents the lowest form of political spittle lickers and arse creepers. A greater whore is difficult to imagine.

  2. Does this “Useful Idiot” not realise, (for at least a split second), that once he has served his purpose and they are done with him, they would just as gladly stick a gun in his mouth and pull the trigger just because he has a white skin?

  3. Hey, I'm a scientist. Scumback Hanekom can piss off out of my field of interest too!!!

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