WikiLeaks: Guantánamo Bay terrorists radicalised in London to attack Western targets

Our Western governments are gutless. That’s what you can conclude when you read that the UK government knew that mosques in London were being used to indoctrinate and radicalise extremists for their little Jihad against anyone who doesn’t sticking their bums into the air. Two of the worst offenders were both living off state benefits after claiming asylum. So, the question is: if they knew about it, why didn’t they act? Probably because they were scared of being labelled racist/Islamophobic or maybe they were scared their heads would be chopped off? Yup, that’s how tough our governments are. We, the tax payer, pay these idiots to protect us and they are more concerned about what your kids eats at school, or where you park your car. The worst part is that these recruiter clowns detained in Gitmo, were compensated by Western governments for being “unfairly detained”. What a joke. Let’s ask the Muslim countries about how they treat anyone who breaks the law in their country. I bet they don’t get compensated with money…

Hat tip: Rextrut

At least 35 terrorists incarcerated at Guantánamo Bay were sent to fight against the West after being indoctrinated by extremist preachers in Britain, secret files obtained by The Daily Telegraph disclose.

Abu Qatada and Abu Hamza, two preachers who lived off state benefits after claiming asylum, are identified by the American authorities as the key recruiters responsible for sending dozens of extremists from throughout the world to Pakistan and Afghanistan via London mosques.
The leaked documents, written by senior US military commanders at Guantánamo Bay, illustrate how, for two decades, Britain effectively became a crucible of terrorism, with dozens of extremists, home-grown and from abroad, radicalised here.
Finsbury Park mosque, in north London, is described as a “haven” for extremists. United States intelligence officials concluded the mosque served as “an attack planning and propaganda production base”.
The files will raise questions over why the Government and security services failed to take action sooner to tackle the capital’s reputation as a staging post for terrorism, which became so established that the city was termed “Londonistan”.
The documents show that at least 35 detainees at Guantánamo had passed through Britain before being sent to fight against Allied forces in Afghanistan. This is thought to be more than from any other Western nation.
Of those, 18 were originally from abroad. The other 17 were British nationals or citizens granted residency here after claiming asylum, who were indoctrinated before being sent to terrorist training camps in Afghanistan.
The Government has paid millions of pounds in compensation and benefits to people regarded as highly dangerous by the US authorities.
Qatada, who was paid compensation under human rights laws for being “unfairly detained”, is described as “the most successful recruiter in Europe” and a “focal point for extremist fundraising [and] recruitment”. Hamza is accused of encouraging “his followers to murder non-Muslims”.
Four mosques in London and an Islamic centre are highlighted as places where young Muslim men were radicalised and turned into potential terrorists. Finsbury Park mosque “served to facilitate and training of recruits,” note the files, adding that it was “a haven for Islamic extremists from Morocco and Algeria.”

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