Migrant row threatens EU open-border policy

All of a sudden, the French government fears ‘disturbances to public order’ if most of the 25 000 Tunisian ‘refugees’ that landed recently in Italy invade their country. Really? So, the influx of African Blacks and Muslims into the country over the years has been just peachy for the local population then, has it? I say, let them in and look after them France, as you’re the first in the congo-line when it comes to pushing miscegenation and the multi-cultural Utopian dream onto your people. Let them feel all the love and diversity because it ‘enriches’ them – or doesn’t it? Luckily for the people of France, it’s an election year, otherwise Mr Sarkozy would just be letting these ‘refugees’ in without regard for his citizens feelings or the public order disturbances that he’s now championing. As a result, the French National Front party’s ratings have gone through the roof on the back of the anti-immigration sentiment sweeping Europe. Apparently, European people are no longer falling for the ‘cultural enriching’ lies and are starting to see and live the effects without their PC blinkers on. Hello Governments of Europe – I think your people are SICK and TIRED of constantly being invaded by third-world backward cultures which have NO interest in becoming part of their new law-abiding communities. Centuries ago, Europe was the hotbed of civilisation – yet today, all one thinks of when Europe is mentioned is the immigration problem it faces . I have no interest to visit there. I really don’t want to step off the plane and see women covered in bed-sheets with only their eyes showing. I don’t want to walk down the street and wonder if I’m in Pakistan or in a First-world European country. This immigration issue just sucks the life out of these countries for no good reason. What have these people contributed to enriching their new countries apart from bringing different food dishes (as the Libs love to espouse as they scrape the barrel in justification)? I can’t think of much apart from them mostly sucking off the welfare teat and boosting the local prison numbers – and population figures. Yet, Europe continues to import these people in the hope that they will one day have their ah-ha moment and the intelligence and civility light-bulb will flicker to life. Batten down the hatches people, there will be more of this coming Europe’s way when the Egyptian, Libyan and other ME countries start imposing their Muslim Brotherhood inspired Sharia politics on their people. Millions will be fleeing to Europe, you lucky people with the open borders.

FRANCE and Italy have threatened to tear up the open-borders mandate that has been the European Union’s signature accomplishment for 16 years.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy is holding emergency talks in Rome on Tuesday with Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi after a row over an influx of Tunisian refugees into Europe threatened to spiral out of control and lead to the reintroduction of French border controls.

Mr Berlusconi’s decision to give more than 25,000 Tunisian refugees residence permits – allowing them to travel through Europe – has caused the worst border crisis since EU countries signed the 1995 Schengen Treaty.

Mr Sarkozy sparked a major diplomatic incident last week after closing the rail border with Italy at Ventimiglia.

The French have criticised the ”flawed” EU rules that let Tunisian migrants into France and bar trains carrying them, saying they fear disturbances to public order.

Mr Sarkozy is facing re-election next year and is under attack from anti-immigrant, far-right politicians.

France has accused Italy of encouraging the Arab migrants – who are mainly French-speaking – to travel on to France with the permits.

Periodic border checks with Italy have been reinstated and several hundred Tunisians, bearing the residence permits, have been sent back to Italy.

Mr Berlusconi has argued that he gave the Tunisians permits after the EU refused to activate a refugee burden-sharing scheme when Italy faced an influx of Arabs fleeing recent regional conflicts.

He has accused the EU of failing to help Italy and even questioned the value of belonging to the union.

The crisis is to be debated by the European Commission on May 4 and then discussed 11 days later at a meeting of EU interior ministers.

The French are accusing the Italians of deliberately issuing the immigrants with permits, releasing them from detention centres, directing them towards France and even buying their train tickets.

Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini has said that Rome will accept a review of Schengen, including temporary French border controls, in return for EU cash to help deal with Arab migrants.

”Schengen needs a check-up. All treaties age, inevitably,” he said. ”A review is needed to adapt this agreement to a rapidly changing world.”

Italy and France are also expected to demand a $12 billion European aid package for North Africa to stem the influx of migrants by helping with the regional transition to democracy.

European diplomats are concerned that Italian resentment goes deeper than the refugee crisis, however. Italy is angry that France has taken the lead on Libya by launching military action and recognising Libyan rebels.

Mr Berlusconi, a close ally of Muammar Gaddafi, was annoyed not to have been consulted over decisions affecting Italy’s region and has refused to allow Italian fighters to take part in NATO bombing raids over Libya.

In France, anger over immigration has boosted the National Front party’s ratings before next year’s elections.

Paris wants Schengen reformed to make it easier to reinstate controls if any more external crises trigger another flood of migrants.

The treaty allows the 25 member states to temporarily suspend border-free travel for security reasons.



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  1. Offical government figures suggest that immigrants make up 10% of the French population, this is misleading since the children born of immigrants are not considered immigrants but French.
    The true scale of immigration is revealed in this startling statistic: 30% of all under 20s are Muslims. add on the other ethnic immigrant groups and that all critical 50% threshold is looking pretty imminent.
    Its getting to the point where the NF may receive 100% of the ethnic French vote and still lose the election.

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