South Africa: The Myth of White Nationalism and Black Nationalism

Mike Smith – formerly of the SASucks website – is a very intelligent person and I’ve long admired his ability to get to the heart of an issue and then put it into words. He is a very well-read individual and hopefully he continues posting on his blog. If you want a snap-shot of the history of South Africa and how the ANC has destroyed a once great country then please read this excellent post. It is well worth the read….

By Mike Smith

11th of May 2011

In his book “South Africa’s brave new world”, R.W. Johnson documents the decline of South Africa under the ANC Marxist terrorist regime in great detail.

It has to be remembered that R.W. Johnson is a liberal and wrote his book from a liberal perspective.

No wonder then that he blames all South Africa’s problems on three waves of Nationalism. As we know, Nationalism is the pet-hate of kumbaya singing liberals.

The first wave of “Nationalism” he speaks of was the British jingoism of the 19th century. The second wave of Nationalism was Afrikaner Nationalism and the third wave is “African Nationalism” as practiced by the ANC.

All these forms of “Nationalism” he reckons is what destroyed South Africa and the worst form, “African Nationalism” is responsible for the current situation in South Africa.

Johnson mentions that the two white forms of “Nationalism” built the country up, but black Nationalism is destroying it.

I think that R.W. Johnson confuses Nationalism with National Socialism.

I have previously tried to explain the difference between Nationalism and National Socialism.

Let us start to look at these three waves of “Nationalism” he is talking about.

First up is Jingoism. If you do not know what it means then allow me to explain. Jingoism is extreme patriotism in the form of aggressive foreign policy. It is a belief in one’s own country being superior to others and that one has the right to bully other nations into submission with superior military might to protect perceived national interests such as the supply of oil, gold or other strategic minerals. The Americans practice a similar form of Jingoism today.

The British practiced this in South Africa as well, most notably against the Boers, and the Anglo Boer War of 1899-1902 is a testimony to what this practice entails. The British invented the concentration camps and committed genocide against the Boers killing 27,000 Boer women and children.

The scorched earth policy of the British Jingoists destroyed South Africa in a similar vein as the Communists of Eastern Europe destroyed nations in the Ukraine for instance. People starved to death and were impoverished. British Jingoism cannot be credited with building up the country. It destroyed the country. It raped it of its mineral resources, it destroyed two sovereign Boer Republic with its unification of South Africa in 1910.

After the war they attempted to extinguish the Afrikaans language, culture and even the Calvinistic religion. English was imported in schools, churches and the public service throughout South Africa.

By now the parallels between Jingoism and Nazism should start to become apparent. There is not much difference between what the Nazis practiced and what the British practiced or the Americans today practices in Afghanistan, Iraq or Guantanamo Bay.

Nationalism on the other hand, does not believe in subduing other nations, it believes in freedom and self governance of all nations.

British Jingoism failed, because it came face to face with true Nationalism, first against the Boer Nations and later against Afrikaner Nationalism.

However, by 1948 the omelet was so scrambled already that it was almost impossible to undo.

So let us look at Afrikaner Nationalism.

When the Afrikaners and the National Party came to power in 1948 the country started to experience a magnificent bloom. By the 1960’s South Africa was built up to similar levels of sophistications and sometimes exceeding Western European life. The Nationalists respected the nationalism of all the people of South Africa and attempted to undo the omelet by giving each tribe its own country where they could govern themselves. The Nationalists set them all free and even fully supported them in this with billions of Rands of investment.

The period of Afrikaner Nationalism will go down in history as the time of the biggest achievements ever reached in South Africa. Our medical research was at the front of world achievements. We had a nuclear and a space program. Under the Nationalist South Africa became the most advanced country in Africa, we had the strongest economy and the strongest military on the continent. Our Military was under the ten best in the world.

What makes it even more remarkable is that they achieved all of this with severe worldwide sanctions imposed against them.

Yet with all this military and economic power the Nationalists of South Africa never took over any other nation. They never had any concentration camps. They never practiced genocide. Today there are no mass graves. No remains of any concentration camps or gas chambers.

Let us look at the African Nationalism Wave.

In 1994 the Afrikaner Nationalists handed over a fully developed and fully functional first world country to the Marxist terrorist ANC.

The theft, nepotism and extreme leftwing Nationalism started almost immediately. Just like the Nazis scapegoated the Jews, the ANC scapegoated the whites and especially the Afrikaners for all the failures that they themselves created.

Hate speech of the worst order against whites is the order of the day. Genocide is practiced against whites in the form of physical attacks, racist policies of Affirmative Action and BEE is practiced against the whites. Their history is being rewritten; their learning institutions are being undermined. Place names, street names, names of rivers and mountains are changed without any consideration. Statues are being removed…

Is this what Nationalist do? Is this what “Black Nationalism” is? How can one morally defend such actions? What is the difference between apparent “Black Nationalism and the Jingoism of the British of a hundred years ago? Dare I ask, “What is the difference between Jingoism, Black Nationalism and Nazism?

It is a far cry from true Nationalism.

So then comes the question about “White Nationalism”. Is this any different to “Black Nationalism”? If one cannot morally defend “Black Nationalism” then surely one cannot morally defend “White Nationalism”.

The fact is that both “White Nationalism” and “Black Nationalism” are contradictions in terms. It cannot exist, because there is no “White Nation” or “Black Nation”.

There is a Scotish nation, there is a Zulu Nation and there is an Afrikaner Nation, but a white or Black nation does not exist. The only way it can exist is if one theorises that the whole world should be one “White Nation” or “One Black Nation”…

This brings one back to the point of a one world government that contradicts the term of “Nationalism” and the acceptance of various nations.

Afrikaner Nationalism was dead set against this. It attempted to give each nation in South Africa its own autonomy and respected the right to self rule. Afrikaner Nationalism did not only protect the Afrikaans Language and culture, but also protected the Tswana, Zulu, Xhosa, etc cultures and languages. Afrikaner Nationalism always insisted on Mother tongue education for all races at least at primary school level.

As a true Nationalist one cannot support rights for one’s own nation and at the same time deny other nations those same rights.

Therefore I have to conclude that “White Nationalism” is Nazism. “Black Nationalism is “Afro-Nazism”. It is not right of the political spectrum at all. It is a leftist ideology. It leads to the destruction of nations. History is the proof of this. Anglo-American Jingoism, black nationalism and white nationalism all have the same goals and the same results namely the destruction of nations and a one world socialist government.

“White Nationalists” apologists often argue that Hitler was anti communist and then implies that he was pro capitalist. Nothing can be further from the truth. Hitler was even more anti capitalist than anti communist.

I have for many years tried to explain that the proper name of the Nazi Party was the National Socialist Workers Party. It was fully left wing. It was socialist. It irks me today when uninformed journalists talk about “Right-Wing Extremists” when they speak of the National Socialists. It is a testimony of their ignorance.

In 1927, Hitler said: “We are socialists, we are enemies of today’s capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are determined to destroy this system under all conditions.”

Hitler’s speech on May 1, 1927. Cited in: Toland, John (1992). Adolf Hitler. Anchor Books. pp. 224–225. ISBN 0385037244

In 1932, Nazi Party spokesman Joseph Goebbels said that the Nazi Party was a “workers’ party”, “on the side of labour, and against finance.”

Goebbels, Joseph; Mjölnir (1932). Die verfluchten Hakenkreuzler. Etwas zum Nachdenken.

In 1920, the Nazi Party published the National Socialist Program, an ideology that in 25 points demanded:

“…that the State shall make it its primary duty to provide a livelihood for its citizens . . . the abolition of all incomes unearned by work . . . the ruthless confiscation of all war profits … the nationalization of all businesses that have been formed into corporations … profit-sharing in large enterprises … extensive development of insurance for old-age … land reform suitable to our national requirements.”

Lee, Stephen J. (1996), Weimar and Nazi Germany, Harcourt Heinemann, p. 28.

Hey? Land reform suitable to our national requirements? This is the stuff that rolls of the fat lips of Julias Malema and the ANC scum. I cannot reiterate it more that the ANC are Afro Nazis. Compare those Nazi words with the ANC freedom Charter and you will recognize the similarities.

The only difference is that in Hitler’s time they made the Jews the scapegoats and in the ANC time they make the Afrikaners the scapegoats. The results are the same. Genocide.

So called “White Nationalism” and “Black Nationalism” are created terms. Contradictory in its definitions.

A true Nationalist knows the difference between Nationalism and National Socialism. They are diametrically opposites of each other.

We should guard against wolves in sheeps clothing. There are many of these Leftist Nationalist in our midst. Sinn Féin in Ireland is a classic example. They are not Nationalists. They are the Irish equivalent of the ANC.

I can only hope that those who associate themselves with ideologies of “White Nationalism” or “Black Nationalism” study exactly what those make believe terms mean.



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