South Africa: Blacks voting for whites should be driven to sea: ANC leader

Here we have a prime example of the clowns running South Africa. ANC Nelson Mandela Bay chairman Nceba Faku won the local election in his metro on Wednesday (with only 51.9% of the votes) and immediately called on his followers to burn down The Herald newspaper and drive the Blacks that didn’t vote for the ANC into the sea. This is the backward political mentality that South Africa sits with whilst the rest of the world gets on with life. The ANC won’t be satisfied until the Whites are living in the gutter, homeless, jobless and poverty stricken. And it’s not because of Apartheid and the perceived ‘atrocities’. No – it is nothing less then a deep rooted inferiority complex born about due to being a race of perennial underachievers as a collective and raised with a victim mentality that is drilled into them from an early age. Man continues to evolve whilst the Black race continues to be a victim of its own deluded grandeur and the ANC is a prime example. Nevertheless, the ANC has received nearly 62% of the votes countrywide, with the Democratic Alliance on 24%. Even after 17 years of their own people still living in poverty – which the ANC vowed to end when they got into power – the ANC is still, unsurprisingly, getting more than 60% of the vote. I see a bright future for South Africa and especially for the Nelson Mandela Bay metro, with such fine, capable leaders in charge.

Hat tip: Julian B

ANC Nelson Mandela Bay chairman Nceba Faku incited more than 100 party members to burn down The Herald newspaper on Friday as he celebrated the party’s election victory outside the Port Elizabeth City Hall.

He also called for blacks who voted for white parties to be driven to the sea.

Standing at the entrance to the City Hall with an ANC flag on his shoulder, Faku said the party was celebrating an “important battle that is between the ANC and the media”.

“Down with white political parties, down. Down with those who vote for white political parties, down.”

To loud applause, Faku said blacks who did not like other black people and their organisations should be driven into the sea, or go to Europe.

According to The Herald newspaper a senior ANC spokesman “almost immediately” distanced the party from the inflammatory call, and appealed for political maturity and restraint from party leaders.

“The primary battle of the ANC has been with the media, especially The Herald, in this region,” the newspaper quoted Faku saying.

The ANC retained control of the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro with 51.9 percent of the votes.

Faku was mentioned in the Kabuso forensic report into municipal land sales and tenders, commissioned by the provincial local government and traditional affairs department.

The Herald went to the courts to force department MEC Mlibo Qoboshiyane, who doubles as ANC provincial spokesman, to release the report.

On Wednesday night Faku told the crowds: “Down with The Herald, down, down. Burn The Herald. Fire to The Herald.

“Go and burn The Herald. We will face a bullet with a bullet.”

As Faku was speaking ANC Motherwell branch secretary Zola Mayedwa approached a Herald reporter and advised him to hide his notebook.

“We need a Malema in this town, we need a Malema,” said Faku, before handing the microphone to ANC MP Cedric Frolick.

Frolick said: “The DA and the media campaigned against the ANC.”

He said they would not allow the “racism” of the DA-led Western Cape to divide Bay citizens.

Herald Editor Heather Robertson said: “I am deeply disturbed by Mr Faku’s threat to burn this newspaper. It is shocking that he attacks all of us who work for The Herald on the night of what should be the ANC’s victory celebration.

“Mr Faku clearly does not grasp the freedom of expression clause in the Bill of Rights, which was drafted by the ANC.

“Mr Faku’s statements go against the very basis of what the ANC has so valiantly fought for by incitement of imminent violence against The Herald and all who work for it, including members and supporters of the ANC.”

Qoboshiyane distanced the party from Faku’s statements.

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  1. Well, clearly this idiot knows Faku-all.

    Unfortunately, Lime Lite, you are correct about the deeply ingrained inferiority complex of Black South Africans – and therefore it's difficult to envision a time of genuine racial tolerance within the country.

    Furthermore, the ANC's policies have only cemented the lack of can-do amongst the Black population even further. It was Mbeki's brother who lamented the ANC's policies of BEE and affirmative action, as having a thoroughly negative effect upon any Black entrepreneurial spirit within the country. After all, the Asians of SA were equally subject to Apartheid etc. etc., but have forged ahead both during and since.

    And, yes, I really do have the suspicion that amongst many Blacks in SA (not all), there is an attitude of: “if we can't, by our own merits, achieve what the Whites have done by theirs, then we rather they be dragged down to the dust – and we'll use any means (via the state) to do this!”

    Amazing how institutionalised racism is only horrifying when carried out by Whites.

  2. And the sheeple just voted fr them again. The original promises of '94 have not been met and still they vote for them. Whay hope is there in a country where the majority cannot grasp the reality of a failed government?

  3. blacks voting for whites should be driven to sea ? how are they gonna know ? Your vote is supposed to be secret.

  4. Lime Lite, I left a fairly lengthy comment here the other day. Dunno what's happened to it, but it seems to have disappeared.

    I can't be bothered to reproduce it all, save to say that Mr Faku is a typical example of an ANC arsehole knowing sweet Faku-all!

    And your comment at top I (sadly) agree with.

    Things CAN change – I hope they do … I hope they do …

  5. @Krokodil – I've published your comment. It landed up in the spam can for whatever reason.

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