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Claim: TSA employees now developing cancer clusters from standing near body scanner machines

Kind of ironic isn’t it? Those newly unionised TSA agents – who pat down 3-year old kids and tell old ladies dying of cancer to remove their adult diapers – are being exposed to radiation from their beloved body scanners and are now reporting ‘cancer clusters’. Hey! I thought the USA government said that those body scanners were safe!! I guess you shouldn’t believe Obama and his commie pal Janet after all….And may I remind you that we need to be subjected to this invasion of privacy because of a certain religion and their fanatics – who are waved through the pat-down and scanner ritual because of said religion. Once again, aint irony a biatch?

In a new twist to the TSA saga to which we can only say, “We told ya so,” the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) has obtained documents through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) that reveal TSA employees are reporting “cancer clusters” among their own employees who work near radiation body scanners. At the same time, DHS refuses to issue dosimeters to TSA employees because, obviously, those dosimeters would indicate alarming levels of radiation exposure. So it’s better to just keep everyone ignorant and keep irradiating all the TSA employees and hope nobody notices, apparently.

That TSA employees are giving themselves cancer by irradiating innocent travellers is perhaps the most striking bit of tragic justice we’ve yet seen in this entire fiasco. TSA agents commit felony crimes every single day against innocent travellers, molesting them, illegally detaining them and humiliating them as part of the “security screening” procedures. They’re also irradiating them with the naked body scanners that we all know Janet Napolitano openly lied about. As a side effect of that irradiation effort, TSA employees are also irradiating themselves. Cancer, not surprisingly, will not be far behind.

Why are the body scanners causing cancer clusters among TSA employees? As we reported yesterday, Janet Napolitano lied about the safety of the devices, claiming that NIST had “affirmed the safety” of them. NIST fired back an email that specifically explained NIST doesn’t test the safety of products at all! Ever! Therefore, all the claims that these devices were tested and confirmed as safe was complete B.S. from Napolitano. Just an outright lie. Not a shred of truth to be found.

You see, when government has abandoned the truth as a matter of policy, it can only resort to lies to further its agenda. The truth no longer has any place in the U.S. government, where criminals and thugs simply make up whatever lies they want and then pass them off as “truth” to the press (which dutifully reports all government lies as truths). This is precisely the case with the TSA and these naked body scanners. It’s also the situation with the economy, the unemployment rate and the national debt, if you follow economic news. The American empire has become what the Roman Empire was right before its fall: A tragic cabal of professional thieves and liars who run the government and steal from the People.

Now, even though the NIST did not test the safety of these machines, it did warn airport screeners to avoid standing next to them because the machines clearly emitted doses of radiation that could mutate DNA and cause cancer.

The bulk of TSA employees, who we’ve already established are among the most intellectually-challenged individuals who are still somehow employable, don’t seem to care that they’re getting fried with radiation every day on the job. In fact, many TSA employees don’t even understand the laws of physics, as has been demonstrated over and over when they tell travellers truly idiotic things like, “There’s no radiation from these machines.”

Gee, how do they think the machines work? Do they think they’re magic? Who needs radiation when you can just use magic to see through people!

The one notable upshot from all this is the realization that TSA agents might experience so much DNA damage from standing next to those machines that they will be rendered completely infertile and therefore have no ability to reproduce. This, the scientists say, is called “natural selection.” Those best adapted to surviving will pass on their genes to the next generation, while those who fail to protect the integrity of their own DNA get removed from the human gene pool. I can’t think of a more appropriate example of natural selection in action. Darwin eats TSA agents as a mid-morning snack, it seems. So maybe those radiation machines do have a purpose after all…

All kidding aside, there’s a kind of poetic justice in the idea that these agents who terrorize innocents will one day find themselves on the receiving end of a chemotherapy drip. It’s not that we wish suffering upon anyone, but this is a suffering they have brought upon themselves. At what point, I wonder, will the cancer-stricken TSA employees finally figure out the government is lying to THEM, too?


Europe enriched by another 1400 ‘immigrants’ from sub-Saharan Africa

Oh joy! Europe is being enriched on a daily basis by African invaders. Three boats brought another 1400 ‘immigrants’ to Lampedusa, Italy. This brings the total to just under 47 000 for the year. Almost all of the newcomers are from sub-Saharan Africa, which means that they are among the poorest, least skilled, and least employable migrants in the world. Where’s the Pope to welcome them??

Lampedusa, June 29 – Two large boats carrying more than 500 immigrants landed on the southern Italian island of Lampedusa early Wednesday.

Port authority officials met the first boat with around 225 immigrants as it arrived at the entrance to the port, while coast guard officials then intercepted the second boat carrying around 328 people two miles off the coast.

The immigrants were mostly from sub-Saharan Africa and the boats included more than 50 women and 17 children.

Both boats are believed to have departed from Libya and the new arrivals were immediately transferred to the island’s immigrant welcome centre.

Immigration is a politically divisive issue in Italy and Premier Silvio Berlusconi’s main coalition partner the Northern League is demanding an end to Italy’s support for bomb attacks in Libya, claiming they are responsible for the recent influx of refugees.

Around 30,000 immigrants, mostly from Tunisia, Libya and sub-Saharan Africa, have landed on the small island off the coast of Sicily since January.


Lampedusa – A record 840 Libyan refugees arrived in Lampedusa tonight, including 117 women and 28 children. The refugees arrived in Lampedusa shortly after 7.30pm aboard an about 20-metre-long boat which had been rescued earlier today some 16 miles off the island. The migrants, all of them from sub-Saharan Africa, left Libya some days ago. It is the largest single landing of immigrants on the island ever. Some weeks ago, 932 immigrants arrived in Pozzallo, in the province of Ragusa.


Camp of the Saints: The Cultural Enrichment Thermometer
Cultural Enrichment Thermometer

South Africa: Skills shortage hits Eskom power plants

You have to give it to the South African Blacks. Boy can they milk the Apartheid  excuse better than they can milk a cow! Eskom, the states power supplier (when their power stations actually work), conceded that they don’t have enough skilled welders to build the two coal-fired power stations they’re busy constructing. As a result, they need to import 75% of the welders that they require to complete the projects. And another well run state company, Transnet (national transport network) has admitted that they also lack skilled workers to fill management positions. And the reason? Well, the reason for a lack of skilled workers – according to Transnet group chief executive Brian Molefe – is because of Apartheid! Yes, you read correctly. You see, it goes like this: when they got into power 17 years ago, the clueless liberation movement called the  ANC, couldn’t get rid of White management and White skilled workers fast enough. They opened the treasury box and paid these skilled Whites to leave their employment so that their fellow clueless Blacks could get into the work place – and not by starting at the bottom. Oh no, Blacks needed to be fast tracked into the highest positions so that they could start reaping all that money the Whites were making. History now shows the ANC how dumb they were. As a result, 17 years after Apartheid they still can’t clobber together a few skilled welders and builders to complete projects in the country. And Apartheid is to blame….naturally. It’s the fall-back excuse for everything that goes wrong in South Africa – just like the Muslims blame the Jews for all their troubles. Well, Mr Molefe, if you’re that desperate for wekkers, why not go to where the Whites live in squatter camps – Whites who have been prohibited from working because of Affirmative Action – and ask the skilled White males to show you how to weld. But, no, you’d rather import even more Blacks from outside South Africa to steal jobs away from destitute people. IQ67 at its finest.


Cape Town – On Tuesday Eskom conceded that it would probably be unable to recruit enough people with specialised skills to complete the two coal-fired power stations currently under construction in time.

Eskom chief operating officer Dan Morokane told the public enterprises portfolio committee that Eskom would be able to train only about 600 of the 1 500 welders required over the next six years.

These specialised workers are needed for the completion of the Medupi and the Kusile power stations.

South Africa’s short-term energy security depends on the finishing of the two projects by 2017.

Eskom’s submission clearly indicates that the building projects will be held without sufficient welders.

The committee was told that the recent protest actions by South African workers at the power stations against the use of foreign welders represented a significant risk for the projects’ completion.

The protests, just ahead of the local elections, had led to violence and forced construction to a standstill.

Around 25% to 30% of the welders maintaining the existing generation capacity are foreigners.

In order to meet the construction deadline for the new power stations, it would be necessary to employ 75% of the welders from foreign countries.

Lance Greyling (ID) questioned why it had taken so long to put in place a welder-training programme such as the one Eskom had recently instituted.

In a separate submission to the portfolio committee, Transnet said it required more than R400m for skills training for its building programme.

Transnet group chief executive Brian Molefe told the committee that most of Transnet’s labour force consisted of young people between the ages of 25 and 35.

About 6 500 were above 55.

There were very few workers aged 39 to 45 who could take over the reins from senior management in a couple of years.

Molefe attributed this to a generation that had not received the necessary training during the years of the apartheid struggle in the 1980s and beginning of the 1990s.

Boer Internal Refugee Camps registration for social welfare application during Jacob Zuma to camp Bethlehem, Pretoria

North Korea shuts down universities for 10 months

What’s the difference between North and South Korea? You only have to look at the map below to spot the glaring difference. North Korea is a communist haven – where the lights have gone out….literally. In any case, as with most communist countries, the party does come to an end.  North Korea has decided to close down their universities and send the students to work on construction and agriculture projects for the next 10 months. Hmmmm….isn’t that quaint? Whilst the government officials live it up and eat well, the students are flung far and wide to work for the state. Communism in all its wonderful, progressive glory! You would think that our Western leaders would look at countries like Cuba, Venezuela and North Korea and catch a wake up. Instead, the ‘progressives’ amongst them want to copy this way of living. How many more examples do they need to see that redistributing people’s wealth never adds up to anything? But I guess that’s their goal….only they get to live it up and they decide who else may live.

Pyongyang has told the North Korean people that the nation will have achieved its aim of becoming “a great, prosperous and powerful nation” in 2012, which marks the 100th anniversary of the founder of the reclusive state, Kim Il-sung.

In addition, Kim Jong-il will turn 70 in February and the “Dear Leader” hopes to be able to transfer his power and an economically stronger nation to his son and heir-apparent, Kim Jong-Un.
Reports in South Korea indicated that the government in Pyongyang on Monday ordered all universities to cancel classes until April of next year. The only exemptions are for students who will be graduating in the next few months and foreign students.
The reports suggested that the students will be put to work on construction projects in major cities while there are also indications that repair work may be needed in agricultural regions that were affected by a major typhoon recently.
Analysts in Japan claim there may be other reasons behind the decision to disperse the students across the country.

“One reason is that there is a possibility of demonstrations at university campuses,” said Toshimitsu Shigemura, a professor at Tokyo’s Waseda University and author of a number of books on the North Korean leadership.

“The leadership has seen the ‘Jasmine Revolution’ in Africa and it is very frightened that the same thing could happen in North Korea,” he said. “They fear it could start in the universities.”

Professor Shigemura also said that North Korea has purchased anti-riot equipment from China in recent months, including tear gas and batons, while there has been an increased police presence at key points in Pyongyang in recent months.


Windmills vs birds – who wins?

Well, the answer is the windmill. This video shows what happens to hundreds of thousands of birds across the globe annually, yet the Greeny environmental groups keep very quiet – because they care more about a windmill than the animals windmills kill. Irony or typical??

Economic Freedom & Quality of Life

Says it all really – although I don’t think the USA will be on list A for much longer….

Italy: Thousands in Rome ‘struggle to feed themselves’

In Rome, 100,000 people out of a population if 2.7 million are living in “absolute poverty”. You have to ask yourself just what the Vatican is doing about this? Oh, I forget, most of those living in ‘absolute poverty’ in Rome aren’t Black Sub-Saharan Africans, or poor misunderstood Arab Muslims, coming by boat to invade Europe so they don’t count.

Rome – The economic crisis has hit Rome and its vicinity hard making it difficult for almost 7 percent of the people living the Lazio region that includes Italy’s capital to manage to eat an ”adequate meal’ at least every two days,” according to a new report by Rome-based Catholic charity Sant’ Egidio.

In the capital itself, in the shadow of the Vatican, 100,000 people out of a population if 2.7 million are living in “absolute poverty,” according to Sant’ Egidio’s “First Report on Poverty in Rome and Lazio” released on Monday.

The populous Lazio region has 5 million inhabitants.

More than 8 percent of Italians were without work in April, but that number hits almost 30 percent for young people between 15 and 24 years of age.

Unemployment isn’t expected to decline any time soon as Italy’s weak economy and one of the world’s highest debt loads creates worries among companies that might otherwise hire new staff.


USA: Feds sue New Berlin for racism

The USA government is once again sticking their nose in where it’s not wanted or needed. Why don’t they rather concentrate on job creation, or paying off their debt? No, it’s much more important to chase any smell of White racism. The city residents of New Berlin, Wisconsin, have let their mayor know about their unhappiness of passing plans to build low income housing in their 96% White city. Now the Feds are shouting racism! Why the heck should New Berlin be infested by low-income Blacks and Hispanics, who will undoubtedly bring their gang, crime and drug culture with them. Any resident in favor of this should have the housing units built right next to them and made to live there for at least 10 years – I bet they’d change their tune very quickly. It’s not the job of the USA government to decide how cities should be run – that’s what local councils are for. And to want to destroy a working, harmonious White society just for the sake of meeting a liberal, PC ideology is just plain crazy – but that’s how those crazy Marxist roll. Stand firm New Berlin and take the Feds to court – you have every right to decide who lives in your city – you PAY the taxes and rates to keep your neighbourhoods clean and safe. The Feds are a waste of space and should be sent packing back to Washington, where they can go and do some real work – like sip lattes and file their nails.

Would you like this in your back yard?

MILWAUKEE (AP) — The U.S. government has filed a lawsuit alleging New Berlin city officials caved to pressure from their largely white community by deciding not to build low-income housing that could attract more black families.

The mayor and other city officials voted in May 2010 to allow the construction but reconsidered following an immediate backlash from the community, according to federal prosecutors. Their lawsuit was dated Wednesday and released Thursday.

Messages left with Mayor Jack Chiovatero and City Attorney Mark Blum were not immediately returned.

New Berlin is about 15 miles southwest of Milwaukee. The city’s website quotes 2000 census data that say about 96 percent of the city’s 38,000 residents are white.
The lawsuit said MSP Real Estate Inc. of St. Louis Park, Minn., submitted an application in March 2010 to build 180 units of affordable housing in New Berlin. The units would be designated for low-income workers and seniors, and rents would be below market rate.

The city Department of Community Development recommended that the application be approved. A few days later the city planning commission, of which the mayor is a member, voted 4-3 to approve the general application.

Over the next few weeks, city officials were inundated with emails and phone calls, the majority of which voiced opposition to the project, federal prosecutors said.

“Some of the opposition was based in part on fear that the prospective tenants would be African American or minority,” the lawsuit said.

The communications included references to crime, drugs and gangs, and some included the N-word, according to court documents.

The mayor also received threatening phone calls at home, his car tires were slashed, his car windows were shot through, and a sign reading “(N-word) lover” was placed in his yard, the lawsuit said.

About two weeks later the mayor asked the planning commission to let him reconsider his vote, saying he was concerned about certain parking waivers included in the original approval.

From that point, according to a chronology detailed by prosecutors, the commission sought reasons to deny the MSP project even as the developer argued that it had resolved or could resolve each issue raised.

Both sides appeared to reach a compromise in January, and a modified project was given tentative approval. However, the Common Council blocked the compromise.


Australia: "European arrival" wiped from documents

Clover Moore – the name says it all doesn’t it? Clover is the Lord Mayor of the City of Sydney, whose councillors voted to remove the words “European arrival” from official documents and replace them with “invasion”! Apparently, Clover et al don’t have more important things to do – like actually doing their job and running the City of Sydney – because they have lots of time to vote on things that happened 223 years ago – all so that a few Aborigines and Greeny hippies, who weren’t alive back then, can feel good about giving it to the White fellas. It seems that using the words ‘Jews’ and ‘Holocaust’ are the new go-to words for everything that is perceived as wrong in today’s world. You surely wouldn’t deny the Holocaust, so you can’t deny that the British invaded? Well, Mr Morris – head of the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council – it seems your work is done and you can disband your land council (which I’m sure receives generous tax money to keep  the racism going). If the British invaded then you and your fellow Aborigines can’t claim any land rights – or didn’t you think your little PC stunt through? Invasion means conquer and the spoils of war are for the victor. You see Mr Morris, you just shot yourself in the foot. So, NO MORE money for ‘traditional’ land rights. And, by the way, you should be kissing the British feet that they ‘invaded’ Australia first – can you imagine where Aborigines would be today if the Chinese, Japanese or indeed the French or Spanish had found these shores first? No one would have heard about you and your culture today. You are naive to think that no country would have found and invaded this continent eventually. After all, Aborigines still hadn’t even invented the wheel by the time the British arrived. They were still hunting and gathering and wiping other Aborigine tribes out. This PC crap is par for the course and getting more and more tiring.

Captain Arthur Phillip
An oil painting of Aborigines watching Captain Phillip’s First Fleet arriving in Sydney Cove

JEWISH people wouldn’t accept a watered-down version of the Holocaust so Aborigines should be able to call the events of 1788 an invasion, an indigenous leader says.

Paul Morris, head of the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council, declared Sydney’s decision to describe the arrival of white settlers an “invasion” as a victory for common sense.

City of Sydney councillors voted last night to wipe the words “European arrival” from official documents, igniting a row over Australia’s history.

The new Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Statement says: “In 1788 the British established a convict outpost on the shores of Sydney Harbour.

“This had far reaching and devastating impact on the Eora Nation, including the occupation and appropriation of traditional lands. Despite the destructive impact of this invasion Aboriginal culture endured and is now globally recognised as one of the world’s oldest cultures.”

City of Sydney has come under attack for using an offensive and divisive word but the Lord Mayor, Clover Moore, said Aborigines were the original custodians of the land and that the term was important to them.
But Mr Morris, who was behind push for the new wording, said that the use of the term invasion “should not even be an issue”.

“We were invaded,” he said. “It is the truth and shouldn’t be watered down.

“We wouldn’t expect Jewish people to accept a watered-down version of the Holocaust, and if you ask native Americans, they wouldn’t want the truth of their history watered down, so why should we?” he said.

Wide-reaching effects

Mr Morris urged other councils across Australia follow suit, saying the word was important to indigenous people.
“The invasion is the truth which isn’t acknowledged in everyday documents,” he said.

“It is a significant event that affected not only a whole race of people but a nation as a whole.”

He said that native Americans and Maoris had their past history acknowledged yet Australia hadn’t acknowledged it in every day documents.

During last night’s debate, Deputy Mayor Marcelle Hoff argued that the term “invasion or illegal colonisation” should be used in the council’s official documents and statements.

She read out dictionary definitions of invasion as “to take possession, to penetrate, to intrude upon, to overrun”.

“They came in and they did not leave.

“When other councillors described the term as offensive, Ms Hoff said: “It’s intellectually dishonest to not use words that offend some people.”

Divisive, ’emotive’ term

However, councillor Phillip Black said the council should moderate using emotive language.

“Healing the past will not be achieved by alienating others. The word invasion has served its useful life. I do not believe it should be used in our documents,” he said.

Mr Black was criticised for suggesting in emails that Aborigines were also migrants.


UK: Practising Christians ‘will no longer get priority’ at Church schools in admissions shake-up

Tap, tap, tap – that’s the final nail being banged into the Church of England’s coffin. These radical, athiest Marxists – who hide like little girls behind their religion, whilst killing off their church – want a new form of Social Justice. They want disadvantaged ethnic minorities to be given preferential treatment by making Church schools more inclusive of pupils from other faiths, such as Islam. Ah, the sweet smell of bullshit. These White disgraces are slowly getting rid of faith – next it’s hope and then charity and then nothing. And we all thought that Islam had radicals… seems the CofE isn’t far behind.

Hat tip: Mark and H

Inclusiveness: Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams recently criticised to coalition but the Church of England's announcement is expected to cause fury among churchgoers

Archbishop of Canterbury Karl Marx Rowan Williams recently criticised to coalition but the Church of England’s announcement is expected to cause fury among churchgoers

The Church of England is to attack the middle-class dominance of its popular schools under a shake-up of admissions rules.

CofE board of education chairman, the Right Reverend John Pritchard, will today issue guidelines ordering schools to be biased in favour of the ‘disadvantaged’.

His controversial measures will signal the end of the current points system under which places are offered to children whose families are most involved in the Church.

Critics claim middle-class families take up religion to gain places, giving them a stranglehold over the best schools.

The Church will not have the power to enforce the guidelines as they are merely recommendations.

But if they are followed, they could mean buying a house near a good church school will not be enough to secure a place.

At present property values can soar by around £50,000 in London if close to a top school.

In addition, the guidelines will encourage schools to give priority to ‘inclusiveness’ if they serve communities not ‘reflective of the wider area’.

This opens the door for schools to give places to ethnic minorities and immigrants who are not Christian.

Mr Pritchard, the Bishop of Oxford, will say the guidelines are ‘a reminder of what Church schools are for in this sea of change’ and will help demonstrate the Church is ‘committed to distinctiveness and inclusivity’.

There are 4,831 Church of England schools, many of which perform well in league tables and are heavily oversubscribed.

Most currently select children using points awarded for everything from how regularly parents worship to how long they have been in the Church.

The move follows the criticism of Dr Ian King, the Government admissions watchdog, who last year said faith schools were discriminating against immigrants with complex admissions procedures favouring middle-class children.

Mr Pritchard is also to launch an attack on the Coalition’s education policy, saying: ‘What’s going on in education today is probably the biggest programme of reform since 1944.

‘The changes are tumbling out at a bewildering pace and schools are scrambling to keep up.’

The new guidance says the Church would like to see schools that currently only admit children from Christian families ‘provide some open places available to the local community’.

It stresses that children who are disadvantaged because they come from an ethnic minority background should be given preferential treatment, and supports Church schools that are more inclusive of pupils from other faiths, such as Islam.

The document says Church schools are underpinned by a belief in the value of all human beings being entitled to ‘the highest possible standards of education and care’.

And it says schools which not ‘diverse’ should consider changing rules which usually give priority to local families over those from further away.

The report, as well as affecting hundreds of thousands of families in England, could increase political tensions between the Coalition and the Church after the Archbishop of Canterbury’s attack this month on it having policies ‘for which people did not vote’.

David Cameron has sent his daughter, Nancy, to the popular St Mary Abbots primary school in Kensington, and recently had his youngest daughter, Florence, christened at the nearby church.