1.9 Million Fewer Americans Have Jobs Today Than When Obama Signed Stimulus

Yes sir! That trillion dollar stimulus that Obama had to pass to save America sure paid off….not. Over 1.9 million people have lost their jobs since Obama ‘stimulated’ the economy. Many are of the opinion that Obama is the president America had to have, but I beg to differ. Obama has succeeded in making the lefty fringe groups bolder and more extreme and he’s done more damage to the country than what the ordinary person sees. America is going to feel his presidency for many years to come, and the sad part is that not one decent Republican nominee for the 2012 elections has come forward – only a bunch of RINOs and career politicians. If this doesn’t change soon then Obama may well get another 4 years to completely destroy America.

Twenty-eight months after Congress passed President Obama’s signature economic stimulus law, and nearly one year after he declared the summer of 2010 to be “Recovery Summer,” 1.9 million fewer people are employed.

In February 2009, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that 141.7 million people were employed. By the end of May 2011 – the last month for which data are available – that number had fallen to 139.8 million, a difference of 1.9 million.

While the number of people with jobs has increased slightly from its low point during the recession – 137.9 million in December 2009 – those 1.9 million jobs have been lost despite $800 billion in stimulus spending.



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  1. The banana republic that is todays America is unrecognizable from its pre 1960s predecessor. That America was a product of its people, its gone. Tomorrow's America is going to be a product of it new diversity third world population. The entire country is going to become a new Mexico of sorts or worse.
    Does it really matter who captians the sinking ship.

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