Australia: PM Julia Gillard’s first year, in your words

This week marks the first anniversary of Julia Gillard replacing Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister of Australia and the ABC website asked people to send three words to describe how Ms Gillard’s minority Government has performed.

The following word cloud shows the 100 most submitted words…..this is what Australia thinks of their first Fabian Socialist Prime Minister – a woman who blatantly lied prior to the last election saying there wouldn’t be a carbon tax under the government she leads. People actually believed her and she formed a minority government with the radical Greens – who blackmailed ‘persuaded’ her to impose a carbon tax. Dear Ms Gillard, just a word of advice – we don’t like being lied to, even though you think the means justify the end. Click on the link below to see the breakdown of the words submitted per different political party supporters (and remember that in Australia, the Liberal Party are the conservatives!).


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  1. Video of Julie Bishop in parliament waving this wordcloud around:

    Pretty funny.

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