Just What Does It Mean To Be Called British These Days?

Actually, you can remove the word Britain and replace it with ANY Western White-run country today. The more we wake up people to this silent White-genocide, the better for our future. We can’t stand by and let this happen – that’s what the Socialists want. It’s our responsibility to raise our kids right, by giving them the facts and explaining the propaganda. The more we hammer home the truth, the better prepared we are. At least then one day we will be able to say that we tried.

THE nation state is the greatest vehicle ever invented by mankind for the promotion of democracy and prosperity.

That is because it is essentially an extension of the family with citizens enjoying a shared sense of belonging, unity and heritage.

The tragedy of modern Britain is that our traditional identity is under remorseless political attack.
Mass immigration, the dogma of multiculturalism and the growing power of the European Union have conspired to undermine our British nationhood.

Our once unified country is in danger of becoming nothing more than a land mass filled with disparate peoples.

Despite the opposition of the vast majority of the British public the transformation of our society appears to be gathering pace.

In the year to March 2011 no fewer than 586,000 immigrants were granted entry, the vast majority from Asia and Africa. It was by far the highest total in our history, more than 10 times the average level of immigration in the Eighties.

As border controls weaken so the concept of British citizenship is becoming increasingly meaningless. The right to hold a British passport used to be cherished but today that privilege has been utterly devalued.

According to figures released last week 203,600 British passports were dished out to immigrants, a 57 per cent increase on the figure for 2008. It is the same dismal story in other aspects of our porous immigration system.

Earlier this month a Parliamentary committee revealed that the Home Office had effectively granted an amnesty to 160,000 bogus refugees, allowing them to settle here permanently and claim benefits.

The Government is so enfeebled that it cannot even deport even the most undesirable foreigners.
It has been reported that more than 100 serious foreign criminals last year exploited human rights laws to escape deportation.

Among those allowed to remain here is a violent drug dealer from Trinidad, a Nepalese killer and a Bolivian whom judges decided could not be sent home because he had bought himself a pet cat. Such madness is likely to worsen as Britain sinks deeper within the EU and the last vestiges of immigration controls are obliterated.

There will soon be a vast new influx of arrivals from Bulgaria and Romania once the citizens of those two member states are allowed to travel and settle anywhere in Europe without restrictions, as the Brussels Parliament recommended last week.

Even worse more than 70million Turkish Muslims will have the right to come to Britain if Turkey is granted EU membership, as the coalition wants.

What we are witnessing is a grotesque form of assisted national suicide.

In the brave new world of uncontrolled immigration and EU rule the very concept of Britishness is an irrelevance. All solidarity disappears, replaced by bewilderment and distrust.

All around us we can see the dire consequences of the immigration free-for-all, whether it be the spread of sharia law or the prevalence of violent gangs in our inner cities or the rise of Islamic extremism.

It is a bizarre irony that in the name of liberal tolerance towards immigration we are now importing a new kind of gross intolerance which is utterly inimical to British values.

In the East London borough of Tower Hamlets, for instance, where there is a large Muslim population, gangs of zealots now roam the streets posing as a self-appointed moral police, demanding that women wear the veil and that gay pubs be closed.

Mass immigration has also meant the destruction of the social contract on which the benefits system, the NHS and many of our public services are based. The founding principle was one of reciprocity: people would be provided with welfare, education or healthcare in return for their contributions to British society through tax, national insurance, work or caring for others.

But now that ethic has been shattered. We are now forced to support millions of people who have absolutely no connection to Britain, such as the 12-strong Ethiopian family recently given a huge house in East London at a cost to the taxpayer of more than £75,000 a year.

The political elite tries to assuage the justifiable anger of the British by peddling deceitful propaganda such as the false claim that immigration has boosted our economy.

Actually it has done just the opposite, dragging down wages and imposing a crippling burden on our infrastructure.

AN EVEN greater myth beloved of the Left is that Britain is “a nation of immigrants” so there is supposedly nothing unique about the modern influx from Asia and Africa. But this is just a lie.

In fact Britain was until the Seventies one of the most homogenous nations. Moreover the small numbers that arrived here, such as Irish labourers, or Jewish or French refugees fleeing religious persecution, were steeped in the Judeo-Christian culture that built our civilisation.

It was because Britain was so homogenous that it was so successful. But now we are a nation riven by ethnic divisions where patriotism is regarded with suspicion and all public policy is viewed through the prism of race.

In a land where the once uplifting ideal of national pride has been transmuted into nothing more than xenophobia decline is inevitable.



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This is my tribute to highlighting the hyposcrisy in the left and racial world...

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