UK: Too male, too white and too elitist: Call for radical reform to Oxbridge-dominated judiciary

Chip, chip, chip – that’s the sound of liberals chipping away at anything they regard as being racist and too British. It really defies belief. These liberal idiots are now attacking British judges as being too male, too White and too elitist. Really? Well, pray tell what Black and Asian countries would say about their own judges. Would they say that they are too Black/Asian? Too male? Too elitist? You see, this is how stupid and brow-beaten we’ve become to allow these simpering fools any input into our lives. Their numbers are tiny, yet they want to dictate how we should live. If it were up to them, the next advert for judges would read: “Anyone can apply, as long as they are not White or Male. Any minority, the handicapped and females – qualifications not important – are guaranteed a job above a White male”. This is cultural Marxism at its best and if we allow these nincompoops any say in our lives then we will have to live with the consequences.

Hat tip: Mark and H

The public is in danger of losing confidence in court decisions because judges are too male, white and elitist say leading figures.

Top decision-makers such as Lord Falconer of Thoroton, the former Labour Lord Chancellor and Lord Collins of Mapesbury have all spoken of the need to appoint judges from outside the current elitist, male pool.

Despite attempts to diversify the judicial system, as of last year just 20 per cent of judges were women, which includes one solitary female judge in the Supreme Court – Baroness Hale of Richmond, who was appointed in 2004.

The figure represents a slight improvement from 1998, when just 10 per cent of judges were women, but senior decision-makers say that this is not nearly good enough.

Lord Falconer is concerned that it may take more than 30 years for the numbers of women judges to reflect society, according to a report in The Times.

Some figures in the profession are worried that training to become a lawyer is so expensive that only the very privileged can afford to do it.

Peter Lodder, QC, the Chairman of the Bar Council, told The Times: ‘There’s a danger that with the cost of university and training for the profession, people from less advantaged backgrounds will not be prepared to take on the debts and the risks of being taken on.’

The House of Lords today launches an inquiry into how judicial appointments are made.



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