Major African countries ignore Horn of Africa famine appeal

Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya are suffering their worst drought in 60 years. Remember Live Aid from 1985? That ‘global’ concert which raised millions in aid for the Ethiopian drought relief? It was so successful that Band Aid charity co-founder, Bob Geldof was honorary knighted by the Queen! Wow. Well, guess what folks? Yip – they need our money help again. Pictures of starving babies are being broadcast all over the world so that we can once again feel sorry for the people from the Horn of Africa – which is suffering from drought ……again. Now, call me cold, but those pictures just don’t do anything for me. You see, being raised in Africa, I understand the African mentality of give, give and give. And every time the West just gives, gives and gives. Isn’t it wonderful? Who helps the West when they have a drought? Well, they help themselves. But not Africa because the West thinks they don’t know how, so of course they sit back and let the West take over their problems. Let’s give some facts about how the West just isnt’ helping by throwing money at it. In 1985 the Ethiopian population was 41 million. Today, 25 years later, with all that suffering and continuing droughts, the population has fallen to just…….oops, I mean, the population has doubled to 83 million! Nature is trying to balance the books and the stupid West keeps fighting Nature with paper! Just let it happen people. Once again we will feed this generation and keep them alive long enough to produce the next generation so that we can feed them too. Just where does it end? How many billions more $$$$ does this problem need? Oh, and as for the the rest of Africa coming to Ethiopia’s aid – forget it! The stupid West keeps throwing money whilst the rest of Africa parties. How stupid are we???

No African country has offered a donation to help famine victims in the Horn of Africa outside of those affected, it has emerged.

No African country has offered a donation to help drought victims in the Horn of Africa outside of those affected, it has emerged.

Despite the continent’s biggest economies having previously made generous contributions to aid efforts in Haiti and Japan, there has been little response from them so far to what aid agencies are calling the worst drought in 60 years.

Million-pound donations have been sent to the World Food Programme by the US, France, Germany and the EU. Kenya and Sudan, countries in the affected region, have also contributed.

UN officials said the World Food Programme had received 60 per cent of the $500 million (£300 million) it appealed for to help save the lives of an estimated 10 million people. But to date, there has been no announcement of aid sent to the region by any of the major African economies, such as South Africa, Nigeria, Angola and Tanzania.

So far, the British Government has pledged £38 million in food aid to Ethiopia and the British public has donated £13 million to the Disasters Emergency Committee’s East Africa appeal. Today, Andrew Mitchell, the International Development Secretary, will announce an additional £52.25 million package of support for the region.

South Africa has a grain surplus of 40,000 tons. Contacted by The Daily Telegraph this week, Clayson Monyela, South Africa’s foreign affairs ministry spokesman, said the country usually channelled aid through charities. He did not answer questions about its response to the latest crisis. An official with the Angolan foreign affairs ministry said that he was still waiting for information about his country’s response.

Jean Ping, the African Union’s chairman, said the Ugandan-led AU mission in Somalia was stepping up security to ensure aid gets through to those in need. The AU’s High Representative for Somalia, the former Ghanaian president Jerry John Rawlings, has also been told to “sensitise” African nations to provide financial and material support.

Michael O’Brien-Onyeka, Oxfam’s regional campaigns policy manager for East and Central Africa, said it was “disappointing” that African states insist on “African solutions for African problems” with regard to Libya but fail to respond to droughts and famines.

“It’s a general malaise on the continent, the culture that humanitarian responses should be left to Western countries,” he said. “You don’t have to be a first-world country to respond to your brothers’ needs. This could have been a good opportunity for African countries to practise what they preach.”

Heavy rain in Somalia has added to the misery of those looking for help: too little and too late for much of their livestock.

“When you are hungry, cold is a killer, and the people here are starving and helpless,” said Batula Moalim Ahmed, an elderly mother, who called for plastic sheeting for shelter, as well as for food and medicine.



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  1. Empathy has always seemed to be in very short supply in Africa, its a trait that has never been readily selected for in that barbaric continent.

    I hear China is leasing massive quanties of farm land on long 99 year leases in Africa. They seem to be putting their name on just about every kind of resource there.
    I guess they recognize that Africa is a failed continent and are busy bagging everything of value for themselves.

    On the other hand the West appears to be engaging itself in a type of crusade there to capture a high ground called moral superiority.

    I bet the Chinese are doubled up laughing at us.

  2. Heart-wretching ads have been appearing on American TV appealing for $ for starving Somolian children. My reaction? I simply can't rationalize sustaining people who will just propagate more starving children who, in turn, will inevitably be appealing to my own children for sustenance.

  3. Black Africans are seemingly hopeless. Their eternal mantra seems to be “Help me! Help me!” As I read this post, I was reminded of an article in a 2002 National Gegraphic which described an European-built bridge in Ethiopia that was destroyed in WWII. (The bridge crossed over the Nile and served an area of 500,000 Ethiopians.) In 2002, yes, 2002, …the bridge was still in disrepair. (The Ethiopians were crossing the river using ropes.) An American organization finally went in and repaired the bridge. Now what does that say about African ingenuity and resourefulness?

  4. Addendum to 7:47 post: Read the one-page National Geographic bridge article by googling
    “Reader Fixes An African Bridge.”

  5. Australia has just gone through one of the worst droughts in living history. Australia has just gone through the World Economic Crisis. Austarlia still remains one of the worlds most prosperous nations.

    There is a large Sudanese/Somali community here in Australia, access to welfare and full equality for everything else guaranteed by law. Can someone plese tell me why they still live here like 4th class citizens and are over represented in the prison system?

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