South Africa: Malema – My money is nobody’s business

For the readers who don’t know who Julius Malema is – he is the South African ANC Youth League President. At age 30, he’s supposed to be setting an example for the Black youth in South Africa. However, the ANCYL is a youth league in name only – they are actually radical communists hiding behind the youth tag facade. Julius – or Juju as we affectionately call him – is a very dangerous, evil, racist little man. He reminds me of Idi Amin. Since coming to the fore as the ANCYL President, he’s managed to turn everyone in SA who isn’t Black, against him. White’s hate him as he preaches hate speech against them. One of his favorite songs is ‘Kill the Boer (farmer)’ and he was recently taken to court about this. He has also been calling for Blacks to forcefully take land away from White farmers (ala Zimbabwe style – did you know that Mugabe is his hero?) and calling for the mines to be nationalised. But what is most surprising, is that this fine, caring, upstanding YL President – who calls on the poor Blacks to take what they want – is a millionaire many times over. Yes, evil Capitalism that he keeps dancing and singing about has made him pretty rich. No tin shack for him! No, he gets to live in one of THE most expensive and exclusive suburbs of Johannesburg, because, according to him, the poor Blacks don’t mind if their leaders are rich. He also owns a farm and numerous expensive vehicles. His Black followers – many of whom should be extremely disillusioned by the ANC because of their non-delivery – follow him around like the sheeple they are. You see, they love all the nonsense that comes out of his mouth. He appeals to the disgruntled youth – millions of unemployed youth – who want nothing more than to take from the Whites because they want what they have – without working for it. Malema taps into this rich source of support and the ANC government know exactly what he’s doing…and condone it. Malema is only carrying out their instructions because he’s too dumb to come up with this attack on his own. And how does Juju justify his lifestyle and his money, whilst his followers scratch in the dirt for food? The following quote should give you a clue into his stupidity and then you may understand why I say he’s not very clever (apart from double failing most of his Year 12 subjects!):

“One of the things I’ve learnt in my short life in politics is the ability to live in the conditions of capitalism while fighting it and defeating it,” he told reporters in Johannesburg.

Yes, that’s how stupid his followers are. They lap this crap up like it’s the gospel. I don’t see him living in a shack with his fellow, unemployed comrades. No, he has ‘learnt to live in capitalist conditions whilst fighting it’! When asked where his money is coming from, the media are told that it’s none of their business. Yet, he readily decides who’s rich in South Africa and who should be targeted as they’re evil Capitalists who stole the money from the Black man 300 years ago (when they were still trying to figure out the wheel)! I really give up on South Africa and Africa in general. If this is an example of the quality of Black brain coming out of the dark continent in the year 2011 then I despair. How can Africa ever progress if this who they look up too?

Man-boy Juju Malema

Johannesburg – It was nobody’s business where he got his money from – and his supporters did not mind his lavish lifestyle, ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema said on Wednesday.

“One of the things I’ve learnt in my short life in politics is the ability to live in the conditions of capitalism while fighting it and defeating it,” he told reporters in Johannesburg.
Malema had called a media briefing to respond to a Sunday Independent report at the weekend that he was building himself a R16m house in the posh Johannesburg Sandown suburb.

First he said the news report only existed in “the imaginations of right-wing, narrow-minded and obsessed white people”.
Then he told a journalist who asked where he got his money from: “It’s none of your business… you must mind your own business.”
‘Not accountable to media’
He was a private citizen and not accountable to the media, said the African National Congress Youth League leader.

If the SA Revenue Service were to investigate him about the reported Sandown house, following a complaint from the Democratic Alliance, he would co-operate fully.

He added he was confident his taxes were in order, before launching into an attack against “ruthless capitalism”.

“If you are a capitalist, you are an exploiter.”
Asked how he justified his own expensive lifestyle – he lives in Sandton and drives a Mercedes Benz – Malema responded that poor people did not mind if their leaders were rich.
He boasted that he was “the only remaining leading political figure in the country who gets welcomed in the squatter camps”.

“In this country, there are some amongst the poor who are saying Cyril Ramaphosa must be the president. He’s a multi-millionaire.

“Some amongst the masses are saying Tokyo Sexwale must be president. He’s rich. They don’t care about his money, our people don’t care about our money. What they care about is political consciousness, the will to liberate them,” said Malema.

‘I remain poor’

“It’s not about where we stay. Our people know that very well. It’s not about the type of shoes we wear. That is petty. Our people want the political will and the ability to act and that is what we are doing.”

Malema said he considered himself to be poor, because his house in Sandton and his car were owned by the bank.

“My definition of rich is those who own the means of production, I do not own…

“Instead of being rich, I remain poor but I’m creditworthy…

“That house you [the media] always make a noise about in Sandton – not the one you allege I’m building – it’s owned by Absa. And if I fail to pay it, for sure, Maria Ramos [Absa group chief executive] would be very happy she’s taking a house from a man who is leading a nationalisation campaign, because she does not want nationalisation.”

Negative media coverage of him was all part of a drive to undermine the agenda he represented.

‘I would surrender my land’

“I represent nationalisation of mines, expropriation of land, decentralisation of development, free education, the liberation of the working class.”

The ANCYL would only meet with the Chamber of Mines to discuss nationalisation if the chamber agreed to hold the meeting in a poor rural village, so that the mining bosses could “appreciate where we’re coming from”.

On land expropriation, Malema supported it if it happened in the public’s interest.

He would even give up his Sandton house or his farm if land expropriation on those properties were to be taken in public interest.

“I’ve got a house here in Sandton. If tomorrow they say, that house, there is a need for a street to pass there and therefore they are expropriating it, I would not have a problem.

“I’ve got a farm with cattle… if I go home and they say they want to build a school, if it is in public interest, I would surrender it.”

But if the government wanted to give the land to “an individual”, Malema would not hand it over.

“We are talking about expropriation of land for public interest and public purpose. Not for individual benefit, not for political leadership benefits. That is anarchy. We will never allow that.”



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  1. Typical effing baboon communist hypocrite.

  2. Yes, this man has all that it takes to be Africa's next leader, meaning dictator,tyrant and murderer. He will live in a sumptuous residence, live of what is left of the fat of the land, be driven in a bullet proof limo, travel the world, beg for aid. Most of people will live in poverty. As for whites, it will not be good news, just as it will be for whites everywhere if we do not come to our senses soon!

    As for being a baboon, isn't that what Charles Darwin said in his “Origin”? (Except they don't teach that part of his evoloution theory)


  3. Please do not regard this guy to be a big joke. He is extremely dangerous! Most people dont know what a wide support base he actually has. It is huge!

  4. @ robisa…..

    You are right……this guy is extremely dangerous!!!

    A bigger racist you will never find. He hates all Whites with a passion and he's become the Pied Piper to the masses.

    In Africa, that is a deadly and frightening combination.

  5. Unfortunately, the Black masses, instead of realising what a hypocrite Malema is, consider his extravagant wealth and flashy lifestyle something that can be theirs also, if only they be like him!

    A buffoon, yes, but so was Idi Amin, and his legacy was anything but comical.

    The silence of ANC politicians and other prominent Black members of SA society (such as Tutu, to the best of my knowledge), in rebuking Malema for his anti-White race-baiting, is blatantly noticeable.

    Don't expect the Western MSM to weigh in anytime soon!

  6. If one could take any good out of the situation with this idiot, (remember 5 years ago Zuma was also a joke) is that white people is starting to wake up to the reality of their dream. The rainbow nation only exists in fairy tales and minds of the deluded liberals.


  7. I agree that Malema is very dangerous. In the 1930's some of the Jews in Germany also thought that Hitler was a joke and a buffoon. Under Malema there may well be genocide of the white man. All white people, who are able to, should emigrate.

  8. Big dilema Julius has. He and millions of his cohorts just do not have the ability to create or maintain anything of value. So in the end they will just take from a sheep like white population and should it so happen that thousands of Whities get killed in the process – the killings are already going on daily at a large scale since 1990 – Tuffies. Nobody , but nobody will help the Whites if they don't help themselves.

  9. The rest of the world will not lift a finger to help the white man in SA. They have the view that the white man created apartheid and so anything bad that happens to the white man is just desserts.

    Over 3800 white people on farms and smallholdings have been murdered since 1994. There is a word for that: genocide.

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