Apologies to loyal readers

Dear loyal readers,

I apologise for not posting most of last week as I was inter-state with no chance of blogging. This will be an ongoing issue for the next few weeks so please bear with me as I try to balance family and work life…and blogging! Thank you for all the emails wondering what had happened to me.

Unfortunately, whilst I was away, another South African blog was closed down (ILUVSA). Rumor has it that it was closed because the Norway psychopath had referenced the blog in his ‘manifesto’. I hope this is incorrect and that the blog was taken off-line temporarily. If not, then this is another loss of free-speech – and a loss of a treasure-trove of articles and history that the blog contained. If anyone knows what happened to ILUVSA, then please let me know.

Hopefully my blog will be left alone to continue to fight the good fight!



About limelite001

This is my tribute to highlighting the hyposcrisy in the left and racial world...

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  1. Don't apologize. You've been doing a VERY fine job with this blog of yours.

    I am one of those (under I forgot what pseudonym) who exhorted you to continue when you felt like giving up.

    I am glad you did keep up, and I am sure you are glad too.

    About ILUVSA I noticed, too. It looks to me that it has been shut down by its provider. I am surprised that Irish Savant and Sarah Maid of Albion have not commented yet. Perhaps they have not noticed.

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