Drought: AU calls for ‘pledging summit’

Horray! The African Union (AU) has finally come to the famine-relief table – dragged, kicking and screaming there all the way. With reports stating that over 11.3 million people in East Africa need aid, the AU has made the decision to take action. Stand back people, because they really mean business this time! They’re going to save their African people!! However, before they save them, they’re going to hold a summit, where they’ll meet to PLEDGE help for their fellow Africans. Oh, and they don’t know the date that they’re holding this tax-payer funded party summit yet – because, you know, starving people aren’t really in any rush to be saved. I wonder if it’ll be before the 11.3 million people are dead – or are the starving people on African time too? In the meantime, the West is once again feeding the African people, whilst the useless, self-important AU are rubbing their heads, trying very hard not to come up with a date for their junket, where they’ll actually have to pledge something towards the famine relief. PARTY TIME people!

Hat tip: Julian B

The African Union has announced it is to hold a summit meeting to pledge help for the victims of Somalia’s drought, a report says.

A report by BBC News said the AU conference would bring together heads of state and international donors with an aim “to looking at hard at how they can contribute to alleviating the suffering”.

BBC News said AU deputy chairperson, Erasmus Mwencha could not, however, give a date for the summit.

The announcement comes after considerable criticism in the African media of the failure of the continent’s leaders to help famine victims across the Horn of Africa.

The United Nations said this month that at least two regions in Somalia are suffering from famine and 11.3 million people in East Africa need aid.


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  1. “International Donors” Of course.

    1, Will the $$$ get to their intended destination?

    2, Somalis, they are Muslims, will their oil- rich Arab neighbours be helping out.

    3, That monkey, he looks familiar!


  2. The enemy of the White Man is the White Liberal.
    The blacks – left alone – would automatically by their action ensure that their numbers are reduced.

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