Australia: Migrant thug avoids deportation

Anyone who thinks that Australia is tough on immigrant criminals, think again. Reports such as the one below are becoming all too common in communities. Most perpetrators are from Third-world countries, but are allowed to remain in the country despite their crimes. In the article below, a student from Bangladesh has been released back into the community, even though he’s robbed two women in broad daylight. The police applied to have his visa cancelled, but the federal authorities intervened as he’d managed to pass the ‘character test’. In the meantime, this criminal may roam the streets, and will most likely attack more innocent people in the future. These are the types of people being allowed into our Western countries. One of the female victims said that the police expected the man to be deported – which hasn’t happened due to the soft immigration office. It must be extremely frustrating for the police who do their job, only for softer PC governmental departments to overrule them. Apparently, justice is different for certain people from certain backgrounds. As George Orwell wrote: All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

A STUDENT who attacked two women in the street avoided deportation because he passed a character test.   

One victim told a court she found herself on the ground with the attacker’s fist raised above her.
The man, a Bangladeshi, 29, was carrying a knife when he was arrested less than a week after arriving on a student visa.

Federal authorities said he could not be deported because he did not fail the nation’s character test.

He is living in Melbourne’s western suburbs.

When he faced Sunshine Magistrates’ Court last month he was placed on a 12-month community-based order on charges of robbery, possessing a controlled weapon without an excuse and theft.

He was also ordered to complete an anger management course. No conviction was recorded.

The victim was walking to Albion railway station at peak hour when the man approached from behind, grabbed her by the shoulder and punched her to the ground as he tried to snatch her handbag.

“When I was on the ground, he still tried to steal my bag, and he then raised his fist to try and punch me. Once he did this, I did not resist and he took my bag,” the woman said.

“(It) was absolutely horrendous and frightening – as it happened in proximity of my street, and also happened in peak hour.”

The victim said police told her they expected the man to be deported.

“But it does not surprise me that this has not occurred,” she said.

“It appears that you need to commit murder in Australia before that is considered. I think it’s pathetic that this man who has terrorised hard-working Australians is allowed to remain in this country, but again … it’s not surprising.”

The other victim also lost her handbag to the thief near Albion railway station two days earlier.

Victoria Police confirmed it had moved to have the man’s visa cancelled.

“As part of the investigation and court proceedings, Sunshine CIU detectives applied to the Department of Immigration for the offender to be deported,” a police spokeswoman said

An Immigration spokesman said that among reasons for failing the character test were having a substantial criminal record, such as being sentenced to a year’s jail or more.



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  1. This could be good news for South African or Brits who want to come to Oz. Dye your hair black, stain your face brown, change your name to Mohamet and apply for a student visa. You will never be deported!

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