USA: Executive order to push agencies on diversity

Obama will be presenting his much anticipated jobs plan in September – maybe. Jobs in America are becoming scarcer by the day, and the American people are crying out for some leadership on this issue – hence the reason that Obama has been forced to come up with a n actual plan to back his claims that he has a solution to get Americans back to work – or something. Amazingly he can wait until September to release something that affects millions of Americans, yet, before he flew off to Martha’s Vineyard to frollick in the sea and hit a golf ball, he found the time to sign an executive order requiring his government to increase diversity in the workplace! How’s that for priorities? I guess his only priority is to show the middle finger to Whites once again and to also try and win back his Black voters – some of whom may have realised by now that he really doesn’t know what he’s doing. In any case, the American government will be more ‘diversified’ (i.e Whites need not apply) in the near future. Aren’t you lucky!

President Obama on Thursday issued an executive order requiring government agencies to develop plans for improving federal workforce diversity

The administration has had diversity on its radar for a while and last year said it would take steps to build a more varied workforce. In fiscal 2009, according the federal government, white men held more than 61 percent of senior pay-level positions among workers. The long-awaited executive order marks the highest-profile response to what has been a perennial concern.

“The federal government has a special opportunity to lead by example,” John Berry, director of the Office of Personnel Management, said in a conference call Thursday. “We will only succeed in our critical mission with a workforce that hails from, represents and is connected to the needs of every American community.”

The details of the initiative have yet to be worked out. Instead of creating a new administrative body, as did Obama’s 2009 executive order on veterans’ employment, the diversity initiative will lean on a council of deputy agency chiefs, along with the Office of Personnel Management, the Office of Management and Budget, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

That group will be responsible for creating a government-wide plan within 90 days. According to the order, after the government-wide plan is released, each agency must present its own specific plan for diversity within 120 days. The plans must reflect initiatives on a number of issues, including recruitment, training and promotion.

Berry said the executive order elevates the issue to a level of attention that will prevent this initiative from falling by the wayside as have previous diversity efforts.



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  1. Great (ha ha) news, not only will you now be connected to a south Asian call centre when you try and phone the department, you will now get blank stares or aggressive responses from black or hispanic counter staff when you call in to see a real person. Also just watch the corruption skyrocket when these people start looking after their own, all at the white taxpayer's expense of course.

  2. What else can you expect, you have a Afro president with a Muslim middle name, of course he is going to be anti-white. He will give all his supporters well paid secure government jobs and then tax whitey to pay for it all. Perhaps Mr B Hussein Obama can extent his push for diversity in the workplace to get a few more of his beloved minorities out there on to the front line in Afghanistan. Put them out on foot patrols!

  3. just what we need more niggers to fuck things up on my dime.

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