2008: Obama calls Bush unpatriotic for increasing national debt

Obama, whilst campaigning in 2008, accused Bush of being unpatriotic for increasing the national debt from $5 trillion to $9 trillion. Today, under his watch, the debt stands at over $15 trillion and he’s quietly asked congress for ANOTHER $1.2 trillion. If successful, the national debt will be nearly $16.5 trillion, almost $7.5 trillion up from when he took office from Bush. If this isn’t total hypocrisy, then I don’t know what is. When Obama uttered his ‘Yes we can’ BS, people didn’t really understand what he was on about, it just sounded good and positive. Three years into this presidency, he has added to the national debt more than all the other presidents put together, 1 million jobs have been lost, and class-warfare is at an all time high. Now the people know what he meant….


About limelite001

This is my tribute to highlighting the hyposcrisy in the left and racial world...

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