Egypt Islamist ‘Morality Police’ to train volunteers in using electric batons

What could possibly go wrong when you give electric cattle prods to a motley crew of raving, drooling sexually repressed nut jobs? As if Egypt isn’t already circling the drain, the so called Islamist “Morality Police” have announced that they have acquired 1000 tazers, and they’re not afraid to use them to ‘enforce morality’. Guess Egyptian females and children will have to cower in their houses from now on – never to be seen again. Why these backward religious radicals, who are trying to drag the country back to the 7th century, don’t use stones as their weapon of choice is any one’s guess. I mean, if they’re going to live like they did 14 centuries ago then they should stick to the plot. If anyone – namely liberal wankers-  was in any doubt as to what Egypt would look like once the Muslim Brotherhood got rid of Mubarak, then wonder no further. As any common-sense person could have predicated, the new Egyptian leaders have managed to destroy the country in less than a year, just what the previous government was fighting against for the last 70. Won’t take them long to start tearing down the pyramids and other artifacts. After all, Muslims don’t tolerate other histories, only their own.

The self-proclaimed Islamist “Morality Police” announced on its new official Facebook page that it has acquired 1,000 tazers to be distributed to volunteers who will promote “virtue” and combat “vice” in the Egyptian street.

The “Morality Police”, which models itself on a similar group in Saudi Arabia that monitors citizens social behaviour, added in its announcement that these electric shocks batons will help in self-defence against any possible attacks on volunteers, adding that volunteers would be instructed to use the tazers only in “extremely necessary” situations.

The Facebook page announced that the first field training session for volunteers will be on Thursday evening in El-Mandara neighbourhood in Alexandria.

Meanwhile, Suez Port authorities announced last week that they foiled an attempt to smuggle in 1,000 tazers while it was not clear who the shipment was intended to reach.

Islamist and organised Salafist forces such as the Nour Party have distanced themselves from the “Morality Police” group, which has so far only operated in cyberspace.



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