Oprah: I don’t need to endorse Obama this time round

Oprah has told CNN that, although she still supports Obama 100%, she doesn’t need to publicly endorse him this campaign cycle. Obama has been the only candidate Ms Winfrey publicly endorsed (I wonder why?). Of course her decision has nothing to do with the fact that after she endorsed him in 2008, her ratings tanked spectacularly and her OWN TV network has struggled for viewers, bringing in a measly average audience of 136 000 a day – a decline of 8 percent compared to predecessor Discovery Health in 2010. How the mighty have fallen. It seems that even to racist champagne liberals, nothing speaks to their hearts quite like the almighty dollar $$. Well, let’s see if Ms Winfrey’s ratings now recover seeing as she’s publicly renounced endorsing Obama, the great Failed One. Maybe those stupid White women who used to support her have finally realised that she’s not ‘one of us’ they thought she was and come to see that she’s just another Black racist, looking out for her OWN.

Oprah Winfrey tells CNN she still supports President Obama, however she will not do a large endorsement event like she did during the 2008 campaign cycle.

“I don’t need to endorse him because I am a 100% supporter him of and I’ve already endorsed him. And I’ve already, you know — everybody always asks me ‘Are you going to do what you did in 2008?’ What I did in 2008, I did because people really didn’t know — my friends didn’t even know who he was at the time,” Oprah Winfrey told CNN.

“They were like ‘Who’s this guy? You think that guy’s going to be president?’ I go ‘Yeah, I really do,'”

“So, I was happy to step up and do what I felt was a public service because I so believed in him and I still do,” she said.

“Oh, absolutely not,” Oprah said when asked if not endorsing Obama in public is a sign of disappointment.

“No, I don’t think it’s necessary because my endorsement is that I am a 100% supporter of him. And if he or his office called me tomorrow and said that they needed me I would do whatever I thought would be of service,” she said.



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