Kids ‘boo’ Michelle Obama over healthy lunches

Ain’t it just adorable for Marxists to decide what children should eat? I mean, let’s all forget for a moment that these kids have parents, and think about the obvious hypocrisy that Michelle Obama is. It is well recorded about just how much junk food her and hubby consume, yet she thinks it’s ok to preach so school kids and legislate what kids should be eating. Hey, don’t get me wrong – I’m all for kids to eat healthy, but it’s none of my business what the kids down the street eat – I have my own kids to worry about. What I’m not for is for people who eat one thing and preach another, to enforce what they think kids should be eating. Last time I checked America wasn’t North Korea (not that they aren’t on their way there mind you). If Mooch wants to preach then she should walk the talk and not get caught stuffing her face with junk food!

First Lady Michelle Obama seemed to delight middle schoolers in Virginia when she attended a special screening of her appearance on a Nickelodeon show, but the audience showed some displeasure, booing when she told them about the healthy food initiative that changes their school lunch menu.

“Booo,” cried the students who heard Mrs. Obama report that “my husband and the Congress passed a legislation to make sure we could put more nutritious foods into the schools. So you should be seeing more vegetables, more fruit, more healthy foods,” she explained, according to the event transcript.

The disc jockey helping with the event commented, “Uh-oh. They’re turning,” but the First Lady stayed on message. “I know, they’re turning. It happens,” she replied. “But this is for you all, because we want you to be the next leaders out there,” Michelle Obama told the children. “And let me tell you that something I know the cast will tell you, that it’s hard to do what you do if you’re not healthy and you’re not eating right, and you’re not putting good foods in your body, you’re not getting exercise. And so we care very much that you start learning those habits early. And schools are going to be stepping up.”


Here are a few pictures of Team Obama eating healthy. Yup, they sure can tell my kids what to eat!


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