School bus beating sends Ocala girl to hospital, 7 students charged

This is what is happening in America… Seven Black children beat up a 13-year old White female on a school bus. Marion County Schools spokesman Kevin Christian says he doesn’t think there is a race issue in the county. Well Mr Christian, let me give you a few hints – in case you’re a bit slow or too political correct to admit to it. When Black kids sit at the back of the bus and White kids in the front, there’s a frigging race issue in your county- capiche? And when SEVEN Black kids beat up one WHITE 13-year old female – such that she lands up in hospital – then there is a race issue in your county. And when one of the Black females involved in the fight admits to kicking the girl in the head – then there is a race issue in your county. Stories like this are coming in thick and fast – however, the MSM censors them so that people don’t start realising the extent to which Blacks are attacking Whites in America. And then you have the complicit courts and prosecutors allowing these types of attackers to walk free – just in case they’re seen as picking on Blacks. What’s the bet these 7 angels also get to walk? And the victim will be forgotten once again.

Seven Marion County students face felony charges after a severe beating on a school bus that sent a 13-year-old girl to the hospital.
Zantavia Williams, 14, was among the students charged. The five girls and two boys all attended Liberty Middle School.
She said the beating happened Friday after a student got on the bus for the first time and was unfamiliar with the way students seated themselves. Black students normally sit in the back, white students in front. Williams said the student couldn’t find a seat on the 16-row bus.
Marion County deputies said there were 74 students on board when the fight erupted. School officials said the bus has capacity for 89 students, if students sit three to a seat.
Williams said the victim, a white female, entered the back of the bus, and was told she would have to stand. Deputies said she was then hit by a shoe.
Williams said that’s when the victim uttered a racial slur, and several black students began beating her.
Marion County Schools spokesman Kevin Christian said the bus driver did all he could to restore control on the bus.
He pulled over once, got the students to stop fighting, and then continued on his route. The fight then started again.
By the time authorities were called, the girl needed to be rushed to the hospital.
Christian said the school district does not have bus aides and would not consider hiring them as a result of the fight during tight budget times.
“I think the policies and procedures we have in effect work. I think fact seven students were arrested clearly speaks to that,” Christian said.
He said he didn’t know the motive for the fight, but does not think there is a race issue in the county.
“We really don’t have a problem that I think would result in something like that,” Christian said.
As for her role in the incident that was captured on the school bus surveillance system, Williams said it was an accident.
“I didn’t realize her head was on the floor because they had her by her hair,” Williams said. “Everybody was stepping on me and I was trying to get my foot loose and I must have kicked her in her head.”
All seven students are currently on home detention awaiting their next court hearing on Jan. 18.

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  1. Welcome back Ozzie Saffa I hope you are back for a long time and do not vanish. Good to see You.

  2. Thanks Anon. Will try.

  3. How is it not racial? From the start, there was a seating issue that caused the shoe throwing. I doubt she blurt out any racial slur but I do believe that she cursed at them (who wouldn't). Seems like there is a big racial issue that needs to be solved instead of being denial about it. The kids should be held accountable for their actions which is charging them for attempt murder and race crime. They would not stop until she is out cold and everybody knows that it's racially motivated.

  4. When you start adding video security cameras within a society, the truth is finally going to emerge about real racism in the United States. Always the same victims, always the same perps. We have been lied to by the MSM and now we are seeing regular examples…………….another recent example was in Philly.

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