Canada: Haitian-born killer granted aboriginal parole hearing

How does a violent murderer and serial rapist try to get out of completing his jail sentence? Why, he goes the route of the aboriginal elder-assisted parole board hearing – something Canada introduced in 1992 “in order to be sensitive to customs and values of aboriginals”. In case you were wondering, that is Liberal speak for “we are evil White people who suppressed the natives so we need to kiss their ass with some native smoke and mirrors so that we can feel good about ourselves again” ceremony. The irony is that the killer is a Haitian (and we know what race that is without this article mentioning it once), so he’s obviously thought long and hard and decided that to appeal to the White-guilt gene might get him off quicker. The funny thing is, even though he’s not an aboriginal of Canada, he does qualify for this BS elder-assisted parole board hearing if he’s “demonstrated a commitment to aboriginal spirituality or way of life,”. Heck, if I wanted out of jail, I’d also invoke my aboriginal spirituality like crazy to fool the peeps. So, Mr I-Stabbed-Her-50-Times-and-Raped-Her-and-Three-Other-Women Bromby, good luck. If Canada wants to be so stupid as to fall for this crap then so be it. And Ms Manning’s dad should have known better than to let his 15 year old daughter date this creep.

Tara Manning

When convicted murderer Gregory Bromby faces a Winnipeg parole board on Wednesday, the hearing will be conducted in a circle rather than across a table, the smell of burning sweetgrass, cedar or tobacco will likely fill the room due to a ceremonial process known as “smudging” and an aboriginal elder will open and close the hearing with a prayer.

Bromby has requested an “aboriginal elder-assisted parole board hearing.”

The thing is, the Haitian-born 34-year-old is not aboriginal.

“It is making a mockery of the system,” said Michael Manning, the father of 15-year-old Tara Manning, who was raped and stabbed 51 times by Bromby, a former boyfriend, in her Dorval, Que., bedroom in 1994.

Mr. Manning said he has not been given any explanation for Bromby’s special request “for privacy reasons.”

Elder-assisted hearings began in 1992 in order to be sensitive to customs and values of aboriginals.

Non-aboriginals such as Bromby are eligible for an elder-assisted hearing if they have “demonstrated a commitment to aboriginal spirituality or way of life,” said Gary Sears, the parole board’s deputy regional director for the Prairie region. “There is an overall assessment of the inmate’s interest and commitment,” he said.

Non-aboriginal Craig Munro, a heroin-addicted career criminal who shot Toronto Police Constable Michael Sweet in a botched 1980 restaurant robbery, was similarly granted an elder-assisted parole hearing in 2009.

Victims’ families have reported being intimidated by elements of the elder-assisted process — such as the convention that the hearing be conducted sitting in a circle. “The interviewing is to be conducted in a non-aggressive, non-confrontational manner and the questions are to focus on the offender’s efforts towards healing of himself or herself, the victim and the community,” reads an outline on the Correctional Service Canada website, adding that the elders serve as an “inspirational force” for the prisoner.

“I find it very offensive that such care is taken to accommodate the offender and make him feel comfortable,” said Victoria resident Anita Johnstone in 2008, prior to the elder-assisted hearing of Christopher Alexander, a man of aboriginal descent convicted of stabbing her 36-year-old sister. “It’s all about his rights and what he wants,” she said.

Elder-assisted hearings use the “risk-assessment framework” followed by the parole board in deciding the release of an offender, said Mr. Sears. It is only the process that changes. “The [elder’s] role is not to advocate on behalf of the offender, their role is to assist the board in greater understanding of spiritual decisions,” he said.

In 1997, Bromby was convicted of raping and killing Tara Manning in the early hours of May 5, 1994, in her bedroom.

Mr. Manning discovered her the next morning after entering her room to turn off her alarm clock.

It was not until a 2007 parole board hearing — 13 years after the murder — that Bromby admitted to killing Ms. Manning. Previously, he had pleaded his innocence.

According to a written summary of the hearing, Bromby killed Tara because she “was your on and off girlfriend and after arguing, she told you it was over and she threatened to call the police.

“Aside from the feelings or reasons why you were so violent, you were at a loss to explain why you stabbed your victim 51 times.”

The board denied his request for unescorted temporary absences.

Bromby also has admitted to raping three young women besides Tara.

Since 2007, Bromby has bounced around various federal institutions in Quebec and Western Canada. He had been allowed to perform community work in Blainville, Que., while at Ste. Anne des Plaines prison, but was then transferred to a prison in Saskatchewan in 2009.

After his daughter’s death, Mr. Manning led a campaign to make it mandatory for suspects in major crimes to provide police with DNA samples, and was acknowledged by the House of Commons when the requirement was passed into law in August 1995.

Mr. Manning is travelling to Winnipeg to tell the parole board on Wednesday that Bromby is not ready for parole and should not be permitted to live in a halfway house.

“He hasn’t showed that he is ready to be released,” Mr. Manning said.



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  1. One can only shake one's head at the sheer madness of this kind of rubbish.

    Less than 50 years ago, this scumbag would have swung – and every sensible person would have agreed with it.

    Alas, good sense is now in very short supply in Western countries – and continues to erode …

  2. uh, how the hell is a Haitian an aboriginal of ANYTHING? They are nothing but Ivory Coast descendants of slaves, sierra leone area, etc. Nothing aboriginal about them. Fucking raping piece of dog shit. Canada with their pussy laws and no death penalty. Canada sucks, and now that the mexicans are covering them up in some areas (since they figured out they can get free dental) i just LAUGH – good luck canada !! LMAO

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