New dad Jay-Z inspired by baby Blue Ivy, vows to drop ‘’ lyrics

Rapper Jay-Z’s wife Beyonce has given birth to a bitch child. Yes, that’s right, a bitch child. And I dedicate that phrase to Jay-Z who  for years has gotten rich off calling women bitches (and a lot other nasty phrases). He’s pimped them up, made them shake their booty all over the place, and written disgusting songs about them. So, in honor of his daughter’s birth, I will be referring to her as Bitch and not Blue, because ain’t Bitch a cute nick-name for the bitch of the King of Smut? You only have to read the lyrics of one of his songs (below) to realise that this world has lost the plot. That someone who writes such crap could become a millionaire many times over is just beyond comprehension. But, then again, it says a lot about the people who buy and listen to this rubbish as well….

IT’S apparently taken the birth of his daughter for Jay-Z to clean-up his act and stop using the word “” in his song lyrics.

The rapper, who along with wife Beyonce celebrated Blue Ivy Carter’s arrival earlier this month, has released a poem dedicated to his baby girl, promising never to use the word “b**ch” in his future rhymes, reports.

“Before I got in the game, made a change, and got rich/I didn’t think hard about using the word rapped, I flipped it, I sold it, I lived it/Now with my daughter in this world I curse those that give it,” he reportedly wrote.

“I never realised while on the fast track that I’d give riddance to the word leave her innocence intact/No man will degrade her, or call her name/Forever young you may pass/Blue Ivy Carter, my angel.”

As yet, there’s been no word from the rapper himself confirming the poem’s existence.

Jay-Z released a new track earlier this week titled Glory, which he dedicated to Blue Ivy. The song features her coos and cries recorded in the hours following her birth.

The track debuted on this week’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs list at No. 74, making baby Blue the youngest person ever to appear on a Billboard chart.

Given that Jay-Z’s music has been peppered by the use of expletives, sceptics may be forgiven for wondering just how long his promise to kick the derogatory word to the curb will last.

His latest album Watch The Throne, released when Beyonce was about five months pregnant, includes the track, That’s My

Other tracks include B**ches and Sisters, Is that Yo B**ch? as well as his collaboration with 50 Cent, My B**ch and duo with Lil Kim, Queen B**ch Part II.

Here are just a few of Jay-Z’s lyrics from various hit songs which also feature the word.

“If you’re having girl problems I feel bad for you son
I got 99 problems but a ain’t one”

“You ain’t a (B**ch), I ain’t no ball player, you ain’t gonna get pregnant again
Hit off with paper, you gonna get hit off and slid off”

“(B**ch) I got a sister who schooled me to shit you chickens do
Tricking fools, got a whole Robin Givens crew that I kick it to”

“You too dope for any of those civilians
Now shoo children, stop lookin’ at her t…
Get your own dog, ya heard
That’s my b**ch”



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  1. So NOW he gets it. After doing so much damage.

  2. Before his daughter was born, he never had a mother, or a grandmother?

  3. Jigga my nigga goes soft because all of a sudden there's a female he cares about. Eff you Jigga, you hypocrite.

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