South Africa: Times have changed!

This is what a Durban beach looked like under Apartheid:

This is what Durban beaches looked like on New Year’s day 2012:

Bondi Beach, Sydney 2012:

Sydneysiders celebrate New Year's Day and the warm summer weather by crowding onto the city's iconic Bondi Beach (Pic: Getty Images)
I know which one I would chose……

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This is my tribute to highlighting the hyposcrisy in the left and racial world...

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  1. This is what kaffir South Africa looks like

  2. This is what kaffir South Africa looks like

  3. What can one expect it looks like a beach in Brazil.Brazil like South Africa is a filthy disgusting country.The only civilized country in South America is Argentina.At least it is the only white country in South America.The last white fronteir lies in the Southern Hemisphere,namely Argentina, Australia and New Zealand,Maybe I forgot Canada. America looks similar to Brazil with all the niggers. In the 18oos their where more blacks than white in both these countries. They were the biggest slave traders of that period.At least Australia and Argentina did something about there black population.Look at Europe I cannot stand these liberal tits over there thst let these savages in.

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