Boy or girl? The parents who refused to say for FIVE years finally reveal sex of their ‘gender-neutral’ child

More stupidity from White people. What is the Left’s current obsession with ‘gender neutral’ kids? These two adults, let’s call them #1 and #2 seeing as we don’t want to offend them, had time to make a baby and then found lots more time to decide that they were going to raise it as an It!  Gender can never be neutral so I’m not quite sure how idiots #1 and #2 came to the conclusion that raising this It ‘gender-less’ equals not stereotyping the It’s upbringing. I mean, look at the picture below and try and guess the sex of the It. Then read the story to see if you are correct. I could see immediately what the parents have been ‘hiding’ from the world for the last 5 years. And if they think they’ve done this It any favors by being such crappy, hippy parents then they need to seek professional help ASAP. How can this kid not be screwed up by having adult #1 and adult #2 socially engineering against what It was born as? No matter how they try to spin this, every sane person out there knows that this is pure pandering for attention. It’s not about It, it’s about them. Why else would you do this to your own flesh and blood? How unlucky was this child to get parents like them! 

His fairy wings, pink tutu and ballet pumps suggest this little boy has raided the dressing up box.
But if five-year-old Sasha wanted to wear this every day, his parents would have no problem at all.
In fact, as they are bringing him up to be ‘gender neutral’, they would see it simply as their son expressing himself.
Not that they usually refer to him as ‘him’. From the moment Sasha was born, Beck Laxton and Kieran Cooper have been at pains not to lumber their son with the stereotyping they fear that gender brings.
So they simply called him ‘the infant’ and kept his gender a secret from all but a few close friends and relatives. As he grew older, he was encouraged to play with dolls as much as Lego, slept in a neutral yellow room and was allowed to wear both boys’ and girls’ clothes.
But now that he is five and at school Miss Laxton, 46, and Mr Cooper, 44, believe it will be almost impossible to keep it up.
Sasha’s parents, who have faced their own share of raised eyebrows, are thought to be among the first British parents to speak about this far-from-traditional method of raising a child. They are keen to highlight the issue publicly and get other parents talking about it.
‘I wanted to avoid all that stereotyping,’ Miss Laxton explained yesterday. ‘Stereotypes seem fundamentally stupid. Why would you want to slot people into boxes?
‘Gender affects what children wear and what they can play with, and that shapes the kind of person they become. I start to get cross with it if it skews their potential.’

The process began even before Sasha was born, with his parents choosing not to be told their baby’s sex after scans during the pregnancy. It wasn’t because they wanted a surprise, they just wanted to avoid the inevitable expectations of what having a boy or girl meant.
After he was born, they waited 30 minutes before asking midwives his sex because they ‘did not want to prejudice his life with gender’. They gave him a name that suited both boys and girls and referred to him as ‘the infant’ rather than a son or daughter.
It is only now that Sasha has started primary school that the secret has become impossible to keep and they have started telling the wider world that Sasha is a boy.
Miss Laxton, a web designer from Sawston, Cambridgeshire, admitted that keeping her child’s gender under wraps for so long had not been easy. At her mother and baby group, she said she was regarded as ‘that loony woman who doesn’t know whether her baby is a boy or a girl’. ‘I could never persuade anyone in the group to come round for coffee,’ she said. ‘They just thought I was mental.’
At school, Sasha sometimes wears a ruched-sleeved and scalloped-collared shirt from the girl’s uniform list. But he has yet to encounter any teasing or bullying. ‘Nobody’s ever mentioned it and I would hope that if they actually said something to Sasha, he’d be confident enough to make a good response,’ his mother said.

It and Adult #1 – the less said the better
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