South Africa: Gravy train continues

It has now been revealed – after initially denying the claims – that when the South African Gravy Train President, Jacob Zuma, attended the United Nations Security Council meeting in New York recently, not one, but two – yes two – aircraft shadowed his jet at an estimated cost of R10 million. Just what was he scared of that he required two extra aircraft to follow his own jet? According to the SA Air Force, one back-up plane was required because Zuma had a ‘time-critical’ engagement on his way back. They neglected to explain the role of the second back-up aircraft. And in any case, just what does time-critical mean exactly?? It sounds like some gobbledy-gook, BS diversion from a person with a forked tongue in the hopes that no one asks what it does mean. No, this sounds like a tax-payer funded junket/shopping trip for him and his 4 wives and 20 children. This is what liberation brings you – another African dictator, surrounded by his harem and firmly welded to the make-them-up-as-you-go perks of Office. Let no one be under the illusion that the ANC care about anyone apart from themselves. And the soon to be implemented ‘secrecy bill’ where no one is allowed to question the ANC without fear of prosecution, will further keep the tax payers from finding out about all these little trips being made on their money. Hey, it seems the ANC aren’t stupid after all – they’re as crafty as the next African Dictator and loving the power.

Johannesburg – Defence Minister Lindiwe Sisulu must take full responsibility for the use of two back-up planes that shadowed President Jacob Zuma’s jet to the United States, the Democratic Alliance said on Saturday.

“Sisulu must publicly explain why it was necessary to use two aircrafts to shadow the presidential jet,” the party spokesperson on defence David Maynier said in a statement.

He was reacting to the admittance by the SA Air Force on Friday that the Bombardier Global Express shadowed Zuma’s Boeng Business jet on his recent visit to the United Nations Security Council meeting in New York.

Lieutenant General Carlo Gagiano told reporters in Johannesburg that one additional aircraft was there because there was a time-critical engagement on the way back.

He said a standby aircraft was vital to ensure the president did not miss the appointment if the one being used experienced technical problems. However, Maynier insisted that two more aircrafts were used in the trip.

“I understand that not one, but two aircrafts were used to shadow Zuma’s jet,” he said.

“I will be surprised if the combined costs of the aircrafts did not cost up to R10m. This is simply mind-boggling.”

Maynier also asked why Zuma and his staff did not use a commercial flight. He said this was because the SA Airways was now offering direct flights to New York from Johannesburg.



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  1. First of all, Lime Lite, nice to see you back and out of “retirement”!

    With regards to the kleptocracy known officially as the ANC government, a truly monumental bit of utter gall was spoken by Zuma at their recent 100th birthday bash – where he had the audacity to say that the ANC has a particular bias to the poor.

    The fat-cats of the SA government, national, provincial and municipal – all of them – care only about themselves … and they sure ain't poor!

  2. fantastic to have you back LL

    The only limit to black corruption is how much white taxpayer money they got to use for it.

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