UK: Rioting is ‘airbrushed’ from official crime statistics as most trouble-hit areas record a DROP in violent crime

No country wants to admit that they have a crime problem. So, what’s the best way to disguise what’s  really going on without alarming the citizens of the world? Why, you doctor the crime stats! The English government is desperately trying to hide the increase in violence on their streets and has resorted to fudging the crime stats to make as if all is well in the land of halal meat and mosques. The only problem is that they chose the wrong stats to fudge as people all around the globe still have visions of people jumping out of buildings as the ‘youth’ went on their rampages of looting and destroying. The crime stats during this rioting period show an amazing reduction in the crime levels – in stark contrast to what I witnessed on my TV here in Australia! How’s that for re-writing history? So, according to the crime figures, England had a relatively safe and peaceful August 2011 and it’s as if the rioting and a-looting never happened. Stupid sods. 

Hat tip: Mark and H

The riots that left whole neighbourhoods up and down the country in a state of ruin last August were the worst civil disturbances for a generation.

But reading crime figures released yesterday, it is almost as if the five days of widespread looting and violence never took place.
Nearly half of the areas worst-affected by the riots saw crime fall during that month, according to Home Office statistics.
In Croydon, where a 144-year-old furniture shop was one of dozens of buildings burned to the ground and a photo of a woman jumping from a first-floor inferno became one of the defining images of the riots, police recorded just seven disorder offences.
The disparity comes down to the way officers recorded the avalanche of offences committed during the unrest.
Some forces classified hundreds of feral thugs rampaging through different streets in the same city as just one incident of public disorder.
Similarly, mass looting in which one person broke into a shop only to be followed by dozens more was recorded as a single offence.
And not one force reported the offence of rioting, officially defined as ’12 or more people who are present together use or threaten unlawful violence for a common purpose’.
In a statement, the Home Office said: ‘It is important to understand the basis of crime recording to appreciate the impact of the disorder incidents on crime statistics.
‘Police record crimes according to the number of specific victims, rather than the number of offenders.’
But Trevor Reeves, the owner of the 144-year-old Reeves Furniture Store in Croydon that was destroyed in an arson attack, slammed the police’s method of recording crime as ‘crazy’.
‘You would expect a great big blip in the crime statistics after those five days of rioting,’ he told the Telegraph.

‘It is crazy to put down something like looting as one crime and is unnecessary. The whole world saw what was happening and to record it like this will just make them look ridiculous.’
Police in the London borough of Southwark recorded just one public disorder offence despite five days of unrest and 314 other offences.
Officers in Manchester also said crime fell during August, despite recording 11 public disorder offences and 386 related crimes.
A total of 184 incidents of violent disorder and 5,112 connected offences were recorded by police forces across England.
Despite this, nine of the 15 worst affected councils recorded more crime in August 2010 than a year later.
The figures did show that knifepoint robberies rose by 10 per cent last year and that one victim is held up by a knife-carrying criminal every 35 minutes. 

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