Obama’s SOTU ratings tank 12%, worst of presidency

Shock, horror! It seems as if the love affair between Obama and the American people has come to a long-awaited end (thank goodness). Yesterday he gave his State of the Nation non-speech, where he bored most sane people to tears. The only people who thought they were witnessing Lazarus rising were the rusted-on Dems listening to him in the chamber and who had to stand every 5 seconds to applaud some BS comment he made. I managed to last 20 minutes – in retrospect, I would have preferred having my toe nails forcibly removed than having to endure that experience again. Alas, he defeated me. His whiny tone and condescending manner seems to have put a lot of Americans off him as well. His speech would have been great if he’d just told the US people what he’s done exactly to  contribute to the sad State of the Nation. He didn’t mention the $500 million he gave to his little green-jobs experiment, Solyndra (which has gone bust, along with all that tax payer money); he didn’t mention that he’s vetoed a huge shovel-ready jobs project, the Keystone Pipeline which would lower gas prices; he forgot to mention that when he said “No bailouts, no handouts, no cop-outs”  that he’s been the brainchild of all three departments since taking office. The list could go on and on. And then to cap it all, he attacks his own people because of their wealth. I don’t know, but it seems as if he’s trying to turn the focus of his non-achievements into hatred of the rich. Now, who else came to power using class-warfare….hmmmm…..Hitler? 

President Obama’s State of the Union Address was the lowest rated of his presidency, down 12 percent from last year’s speech.

Obama drew 37.75 million viewers last night on 14 networks and cable news channels, according to the website TVbythenumbers, which tracks television ratings.

During his first speech to a joint session of Congress in February 2009, Obama drew 52.4 million viewers. His first official State of the Union Address on January 2010 attracted 48 million and last year’s SOTU had 42.8 million.
Though down from prior SOTU addresses, last night’s ratings were higher than Obama’s two September speeches to a joint session of Congress, on health care and the economy.
His jobs speech last September speech garnered 31.5 million viewers, according to TVbythenumbers, which was slightly lower than his Sept. 2009 health care speech to Congress, which drew 32.1 million viewers.


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