UK: Metropolitan Police commander warns of rise in gangs

Gang numbers are on the increase in London, with 4 500 gang members responsible for 22% of the crime in the capital. But, no worries mate, just get the liberal feel-good judges to give them lenient sentences and increase the number of tax-funded ‘charities’ to work with the offenders and the problem will soon be under control…..

Hat tip: Mark and H

One of London’s top police officers has said tackling the problem of gangs in the capital was a “enduring challenge”.
Commander Steve Rodhouse said there are up to 4,500 gang members responsible for about 22% of crime in the capital.
He made the comments at the first meeting of the Greater London Authority’s police and crime committee.
St Giles Trust, a charity which works with offenders, said the economic downturn had created a “toxic potential for gangs to expand”.
Authority member Joanne McCartney, who chaired the meeting, said tackling gang crime was not just the responsibility of the police.
“We all have a part to play in tackling problems like gangs that can have such a devastating impact on communities,” she said.
The police and crime committee took over from the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA) last week.
It has a scrutiny role as deputy mayor Kit Malthouse takes on key aspects of the MPA’s role as part of national moves to replace existing police authorities with directly-elected police and crime commissioners.

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