Low IQ & Conservative Beliefs Linked to Prejudice

Hey, my fellow conservatives, not only are we racist, but now we also have low IQ’s! From now on I’m only going to post pictures so that y’all can understand what I’m saying……For those of you who can read and understand, then here’s what I have to say to author of this incredibly insightful article, Ms Stephanie Pappas (who has one of those lucky dip BA degrees in Psychology, so apparently isn’t conservative or dumb): How do you explain that the majority of African Americans in the USA have an IQ of 80, whilst the Whites have an average IQ of 100? Who’s more dumb, racist and, according to you, more conservative now???? See your little problem Ms Pappas? 

Stephanie Pappas

The researcher who produced the marvelous results in this article is Gordon Hodson, whose primary research interests examine intergroup processes related to prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination. Shame on you Prof Hodson – why, your research shows you up to be discriminatory, prejudiced and stereotyping conservatives as being dumb and racist! Who votes for Prof Hodson to leave his little safe Brock University and go get a real job in the real world, where he’ll find lots of scary people who are racist, prejudiced and who stereotype, all over the place and in all races? Me, me, me. Oh, I just love it when these so-called academics have to dream up such crap research in order to keep their bank accounts ticking over, because nothing funds research like showing us how racist, dumb and prejudiced conservative Whites are. But you know what Prof Hodson, I’d like to know when you’ll do some research into the psyche of Left-wing extremist liberals?? Let me know when you’ve done that research because that shouldn’t take too long! 

Prof Gordon Hodson

There’s no gentle way to put it: People who give in to racism and prejudice may simply be dumb, according to a new study that is bound to stir public controversy.
The research finds that children with low intelligence are more likely to hold prejudiced attitudes as adults. These findings point to a vicious cycle, according to lead researcher Gordon Hodson, a psychologist at Brock University in Ontario. Low-intelligence adults tend to gravitate toward socially conservative ideologies, the study found. Those ideologies, in turn, stress hierarchy and resistance to change, attitudes that can contribute to prejudice, Hodson wrote in an email to LiveScience.
“Prejudice is extremely complex and multifaceted, making it critical that any factors contributing to bias are uncovered and understood,” he said.
Controversy ahead
The findings combine three hot-button topics.
“They’ve pulled off the trifecta of controversial topics,” said Brian Nosek, a social and cognitive psychologist at the University of Virginia who was not involved in the study. “When one selects intelligence, political ideology and racism and looks at any of the relationships between those three variables, it’s bound to upset somebody.”
Polling data and social and political science research do show that prejudice is more common in those who hold right-wing ideals that those of other political persuasions, Nosek told LiveScience. [7 Thoughts That Are Bad For You]
“The unique contribution here is trying to make some progress on the most challenging aspect of this,” Nosek said, referring to the new study. “It’s not that a relationship like that exists, but why it exists.”
Read more of the BS here

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