Zimbabwe rations water

Another African success story. Zimbabwe thinks the answer to their typhoid outbreak is to stop supplying clean water to the ‘rich’ and funnel it instead to the poor – nothing like buying votes, hey Mugabage? Amazingly, the Zimbaboon government hasn’t thought about addressing the problem at the root cause, which is poor water supply in the country. Nah, that’s too difficult and takes too many brain cells and hard work – almost as difficult as adding 1+1. The so-called rich can afford to buy their water, so let’s take from them and give to others. I’m sure this makes sense to Mugabage  on some level – after all he did fall out of the stupid tree and bash every branch on the way down. How low can Zimbabwe go? I think a lot further…..And to think, as little as 15 years ago, Zimbabwe was a thriving country, with an over supply of food. The people were happy – apart from those ‘war-veterans’ and Mugabe, who thought that Zimbabwe and the West somehow owed them a better life because of the color of their skins. So they decided to thieve and steal from productive people. And 15 years later they’re still stealing from people, this time water from the ‘rich’. Think where Zimbabwe would have been today if Ian Smith still had control. But no, Black Africans always think they know better and the country to the south of their border is no different and will soon follow in their footsteps.

Instead of fields of wheat, there are fields of graves

Zimbabwean authorities say they are making sure poor townships get uninterrupted water supplies after a typhoid outbreak, leaving wealthy areas with reduced supplies.

Harare official Tendai Mahachi told reporters on Tuesday well-to-do suburbs will get water about twice weekly. He said “the wealthy can afford to buy water” and cope with outages.
At least 900 cases of the bacterial disease have been treated this year in poor western suburbs of Harare, many having had no piped water for months and even years.
No deaths have been reported in the typhoid outbreak blamed on food contaminated by faeces from broken sewers during water shortages.
A cholera outbreak in 2009 blamed on the collapse of water, sanitation and prevention services killed more than 4 000 people.

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