Israel’s Demographic Time-Bomb: An Arab-Majority State?

Arab Muslims may become the majority population in Israel by 2035 and will most likely be the majority by 2048 – then Israel will no longer be a problem for anyone. Ahmadinnerjacket can keep his nuclear bombs, and point them instead at the USA; Egypt clerics can calm down and start killing their own people; Libya can find someone else to hate; Liberals the world over can rejoice and find another country to pick on – you get the picture – the world apparently will be a better place. This is the Muslim way. Invade and out breed, and the stupid hosts (Australia included) allow them in and look after them giving them all the rights and privileges they can dream of so they can make even more babies. You only need to look at what is happening in the European and Scandinavian countries to see what the future is going to look like there. But don’t dare raise this issue, otherwise you are racist or xenophobic. But hey, as long as we have respect for our fellow man then we too can feel good about ourselves. It’s a sad day when parasites kill the host, but using Liberal logic, as long as the host had a pleasant death then life is good. 

While Israel and the Palestinians have again broken off peace talks in Jordan, there is at least one factor unrelated directly to politics which might make the whole historic conflict irrelevant.
 As in Arab Muslim countries, Palestinians have a very high birth rate – so high, in fact, that in a few decades to come, Arabs may outnumber Jews within the land of Israel.
Such an event would clearly pose a dire threat to Israel and its mandated Jewish identity.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his conservative, nationalist Likud Party have passed new measures to attract more Jews to relocate to West Bank settlements.
These incentives have outraged Palestinians who believe the Israeli leader is undermining peace talks.
Still, Netanyahu has alienated the more extreme elements of his party by agreeing (in principle) to the existence of an independent Palestinian state – which is anathema to ultra-nationalist Jews.
The West Bank and East Jerusalem, which Israel acquired in the Six-Day War in 1967, are both claimed by the Palestinians as integral parts of their future state.
Palestinians warn that if new Jewish settlements are not halted, Israel faces a single-state in which Arabs will outnumber Jews.
Israelis also fear such an outcome.
For many years, Israeli politicians and scholars have warned that the higher birth rate of the country’s Palestinian population may ultimately lead to a state in which Jews become the minority – thereby threatening the very existence of the “Jewish homeland.”
According to press reports, Israel’s Arab Muslim population is growing at a much higher rate than the annual growth of the Jewish population.
As of 2010, the population growth rate for Israel as a whole was at 1.9 percent – but it is 2.6 percent for Arabs, only 1.7 percent for Jews.
Although these rates have both fallen since the 1990s, it is clear the Arab population is expanding faster than the Jews.
Moreover, the median age of Arabs in the country (21.1 years) is far less than the figure for Jews (31.6).
Currently, Jews account for about 75 percent of Israel’s population, with the remaining 25 percent most Arab Muslims (with some Arab Christians and Druze). [These percentages, of course, exclude the millions of Palestinians living in Gaza and West Bank].
Dr. Wahid Abd Al-Magid, editor of Al-Ahram’s Arab Strategic Report, has predicted that Arabs may become a majority in Israel in 2035, and “will certainly be the majority in 2048.”
Some in Israeli’s Jewish political establishment have already sounded alarms over the issue.
Early in the last decade, Dr. Yitzhak Ravid, an Israeli government armaments expert, proposed that Israel “implement a stringent policy of family planning in relation to its Muslim population.”
In a speech to Israel’s parliament in 2007, former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, warned of “a demographic battle, drowned in blood and tears.”
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