Rugby League players and their partners

A rugby league match between the Australian Indigenous All Stars and the National Rugby League (NRL) All Stars took place today. To qualify for the Indigenous team, a player needs to be of ‘indigenous decent’ – in other words, have at least some Aborigine or Torres Strait blood in them and I suppose they also need to identify as such. Rugby League is one of the more dumber sports out there as all they do is bash the ball up for up to 5 times and they either have to score within the 5 bashes, or the team turns the ball over to the opposition and the count starts again. It’s a very physical game and as a result appeals to the more testosterone-driven males. Over the years I have noticed how much darker the teams are getting as more and more Pacific Islanders come to Australia to play the game. I give the sport another 5 years before you’ll hardly see any White players in the teams. Non-Whites love the sport as you don’t need much in the shape of brains – it’s a game of brawn, much like what has happened to the NFL in America. I’m not sure who thinks it’s a good idea to have games between Black Indigenous men and ‘others’ as it’s simply racist. I wonder, for example, if it would ever happen that an all White team were picked to play the ‘others’ and if that would be as acceptable and not seen as racist? Well, that may well happen in the future as fewer Whites are attracted to play the game and they become a novelty in the sport! I certainly wouldn’t encourage my kids to play the sport. Rugby Union on the other hand requires some players with brawn and some with brains so the chances are that the sport is safe. Having briefly flicked over to see what was happening in the All Stars game, I noticed how hostile and cocky the Indigenous players were towards their opponents. Anything they did well was high-fived and rubbed in the faces of their opponents. Not a good look. Two fights broke out in the 10 minutes I watched so one can safely assume there were a few more during the match – that would be high testosterone kicking in. In any case, I decided to look up some of these proud Indigenous players and see who their partners were. Surely they would be lovely Aboriginal girls as they are proud Indigenous men, no? Well, just as I suspected, these Indigenous players aren’t as proud of their race as they would like us to believe. Of the few I searched, EVERY one of them either has a White girlfriend/wife – mind you, they could be mixed race themselves, but you can judge for yourself from the photos below. It’s one thing to be all proud and cocky on the field and let everyone know you’re a loud and proud Indigenous person, but it seems that when it comes to fraternizing, they prefer the White girls – and no one says a thing. As to the reason why, you can join the dots. This makes me wonder how the Aboriginal girls feel when they’re constantly overlooked by their own  males for the White girls. For the record, both Greg Inglis and Greg Bird have been to court on assault cases regarding their girlfriends. Oh, and the NRL All Stars beat the Indigenous team 36-28. 

Greg Inglis and girlfriend
North Queensland Cowboys player Johnathan Thurston and his lovely partner Samantha Lynch at the Dally M Medal. (Getty Images)
Jonathan Thurston and girlfriend
Greg Bird and girlfriend
Sam Thaiday and wife

Jamal Idris and girlfriend

Justin Hodges and wife

Retired NRL player Wendell Sailor and wife



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  1. Australia isnt lilly white anymore,there are a lot of liberal tits that live in Aus.Prefer New Zealand or Canada as a country to live in.

  2. Australia isnt lilly white anymore,there are a lot of liberal tits that live in Aus.Prefer New Zealand or Canada as a country to live in.

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