South Africa: SA signs aid, loan treaty with Cuba

The world was in ruptures when the ANC was handed South Africa on a silver platter by the traitor White NP government in 1994. All around the world people were rejoicing that the terrorist Nelson Mandela would be the new leader of this formerly great country. Fast forward 17 years and the country is now a cesspool of corruption, crime, murder, Nigerian gangsters and HIV infection. And then to really rub it in, the remaining Whites are forced to fund communist governments around the world through their taxes. Cuba, which can’t feed it’s own people because of its totalitarian dictator which has ruined the country, relies on other Marxist countries to prop it up. Venezuela, Russia and China are amongst its financial supporters. And of course, South Africa. In 2010, the ANC scum wrote off two debts with Cuba worth R1.047 billion. Debts that Cuba couldn’t re-pay, and the South African tax payer had to swallow lock, stock and barrel. And yet again, in 2012 another R350million has been given to Cuba in the form of an ‘economic aid agreement’. But, I’m sure this time Cuba will miraculously come up with the money to re-pay it in full, after all, they have a thriving economy. And the South African tax payer is  once again screwed over. People forget that Cuba tried to invade South Africa during the Border Wars from 1969-1989 and we kicked their asses back home. Where our once proud country fought off these smelly communists, today her people are forced to financially assist them. My, my, how the world has changed. With over 1 million expat Whites living in other countries, too disillusioned to live in South Africa, and those remaining having to pony up for communists the world over – and with a President who didn’t even make 5 years in school – what a wonderful country South African has become. Hey, welcome to Africa. This is what the world wanted to happen to South Africa and now they have it. I am ever so grateful I’m no longer in this country. 

South Africa on Friday formalised a R350m economic aid agreement with Cuba.

At a ceremony in Pretoria, Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies and Cuba’s ambassador to South Africa, Angela Villa, signed a document that both said was aimed at stimulating trade between the two countries.

The signing is a follow-up to President Jacob Zuma‘s state visit to Cuba in 2010, at which time he announced an economic help package to that country.

The package comprises two direct grants and a repayable loan.

The grants include R40m for the purchase of seeds, R5m of which must be spent on the South African market; and a $14m “solidarity grant”.

The loan, for R210m includes credit lines in two tranches of R70m and R140m.

Responding to a question, Davies said the loan had been provided at a “lowish interest rate”, but did not specify a percentage.

The signing of the agreement comes on the 50th anniversary of the imposition of the 1962 United States trade embargo on Cuba, an event which Villa said had caused great hardship for the Cuban people.

Davies said South Africa owed Cuba a “great debt” for the sacrifices it had made to help South Africa during the apartheid years, especially its efforts in Angola.

The two countries had enjoyed friendly relations since 1994. Trade between them totalled R73m in 2010.

He said there were “huge” possibilities for increasing this, particularly in the field of medicines and vaccines where Cuba was a recognised world leader.

Villa hailed the agreement as “a new beginning in our economic and trade relations”.

In 2010, South Africa wrote off two debts, to the tune of R926m and R121m owed by Cuba.



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