Elton admits fears over two dads ‘stigma’ – but says son Zachary will be proud of who he is

Elton John is scared his ‘son’ is going to be bullied one day because he has two daddies. Well, shouldn’t he have thought about that before he took on his little social experiment? To avoid any permanent psychological damage to his child, he and his partner have taken advice from counsellors and have put together a scrapbook explaining their son’s creation and birth to a surrogate mother. I can just imagine the conversation one day to his son: when I was 64 I decided that I selfishly needed a child in my life so we tracked down some women to give birth to you. Now you have two daddies – one old enough to be your grandfather – and we have brought you up exposed to our twisted sense of what is apparently acceptable these days; and yes, you will never know the love of a mother. We keep hearing about Human Rights this and that, what about this child’s right to a mother? Yeah, great job Elton. When are these selfish people going to think about the kid at the end of their experiment? Just the other day we had the US police removing a boy from a Gay couple as they are suspected of being part of an international paedophile ring (what horrors has this child been through?). Then we have a lesbian couple who are supporting their adopted son’s bid to have a sex change because he doesn’t identify as a boy. How many other stories are there out there that we don’t know about?   It is NOT RIGHT for a Gay or Lesbian couple to raise children. Nature doesn’t allow them to have a child on their own, and that is for a reason. Period. Have a look at the picture below and tell me that I’m wrong….

My two dads: Elton and partner David dote on son Zachary

Sir Elton John and David Furnish have taken advice from counsellors over their son’s upbringing, because they fear he could end up feeling ‘stigmatised’.

Talking about their first year as parents, the couple revealed they have compiled a scrapbook for 13-month-old Zachary that they plan to give him when he is older to explain his ‘creation’ and birth to a surrogate mother.

Mr Furnish said: ‘I think he’s going to have a lot of attention thrust upon him. He’s going to be potentially doubly stigmatised, because one of his parents is extremely famous and because he comes from two dads.

‘We’ve taken advice from counsellors. We’ve put a whole scrapbook together  about his creation, the people who were involved in the process and how the intent was about love.
‘We’re going to raise him to be proud of who he is.’

Sir Elton, 64, and Mr Furnish, 49, who had a civil partnership in December 2005, are believed to be living largely at their mansion in Windsor, Berkshire, with Zachary – whose full name is Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John. 

Sir Elton added: ‘We’re going to have challenges, of course we are. But we talked about that before we had him.

‘We have had the most incredible year with him. I can’t tell you how brilliant this year has been and how much love he’s brought us and how much we’re getting.

‘We thought that the civil partnership brought us together, but having a child has been magnificent, and I never thought I would have a kid. 

‘I don’t feel 65, which I will be next year. Now, having a kid there’s so much more to do. There’s so much more I want to see happen before I die.’ 

Sir Elton and Mr Furnish, a film-maker, were speaking in the new issue of Attitude magazine.
In the interview, Sir Elton also told how he was ‘the world’s most acceptable’ gay man, so would not be afraid to perform in a hard-line homophobic regime such as Iran.

‘I’m like the Queen Mother of homosexuality, basically,’ he said.


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