Europe held in icy grip as temperatures plummet as low as -20C

Europe is currently experiencing a vicious cold snap and I’ve posted some of the photos below (click link for more) .  The death toll across the continent has reached 460 already. Now, if I were to believe in global warming – which I don’t – then I’m wondering if the death toll by a warming of say, 1 degree over 100 years could be worse than what has been seen this past Northern hemisphere Winter? I think the folks there are praying for the heat to return and won’t mind the estimated 1 degree increase in temperature by next century! It’s far easier to cool yourself than warm yourself in such extreme conditions…..

Going nowhere: Parked on the frozen waterside promenade at Lake Geneva in Versoix, Switzerland, this car looks like it has been sprayed from top to bottom with thick ice
Slippery: The ice-covered promenade on the bank of Lake Leman in Geneva
Cold snap: The largest Hungarian icebreaker for rivers, the 40metre-long Szechenyi moves and navigates through the ice-covered waters of the Danube River in front of the parliament building in Budapest
A man passes by snow-covered boats in Kiev

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