South Africa: Cosatu – Capitalism is a scam

Some of the dumbest people reside in South Africa – nearly 40 million of them. Why are they stupid? Because they still believe in the tooth fairy. The South African Blacks have been waiting and waiting for the ANC government to actually deliver on their promises – promises they’ve made since before the country was handed over to them intact. Instead, they caste big eyes at the mansions their so-called leaders live in whilst they scratch in the dirt for food. Nearly 18 years later the following applies to South Africa, since the fall of the Apartheid government: An education system in shambles; poor quality university degrees; extremely violent and criminal society; no job creation; health system crumbling; infrastructure not maintained or upgraded; poor quality roads; corruption and nepotism the order of the day; tax money siphoned by the ANC; corrupt police and military; unaffordable utilities and petrol; unclean water. And the list goes on (feel free to add in comments). Under the Apartheid government the country was looked after and built up into the powerhouse of Africa. The Blacks had the best life expectancy levels in the whole of Africa. They had the best education, the best health, the best safety. In fact, Blacks from the rest of Africa were trying their hardest to get into the country – not leave. They just didn’t realise how good they had it under the Whites. Blacks in South Africa have an average IQ of 67 – where Whites have an average of 100. So, pit 40 million Blacks against the 5 million Whites and guess who wins? Well, today that is exactly the problem in South Africa. You have the majority – a majority who don’t work and receive all the tax benefits – voting against the minority. White South Africans either have to shut up or leave (which I did). The morons are left to rule the country and the people left behind. In fact, South Africa’s current president, Jacob Zuma, does not even have 5 years at school. This is Africa – welcome. Is it any wonder that the country has death-spiralled into what we sit with today? And believe me, this isn’t the bottom. Far from it. In the next 50 years South Africa will descend into a real African shit-hole. To top it all, the ANC are in alliance with the Communist Party and Cosatu (trade union) to run the country. Yes, that is why South Africa is the roaring success it is today! And now you have the Cosatu President saying that the reason there is growing poverty, unemployment and equality around the WORLD is because of capitalism! Wow, give the man a Noddy badge. No, Mr Idiot President of Cosatu, that’s not the reason. It’s because of your pal communism and socialism which you’ve shoved down the throats of South Africans and which has NOT worked. Mr President of Cosatu loves to throw a few numbers around to show how clever he is. Well, maybe he should go and see how many of those numbers live in socialist/communist countries and then compare it to true capitalism (not the socialist-lite European system). Yes, this is what is wrong with the world. People like Mr President Cosatu should rather go live in their tax payer funded mansions and keep quiet. They do very well thank you, whilst the people they profess to care about starve under the system they support. South Africa is a communist country – and look how wonderful the people are doing! Thank goodness for open borders….so that they can escape. Under communism everyone eventually is poor, except the Comrades….

Comrade President of Cosatu 

Growing poverty, unemployment and equality around the world indicate capitalism is a scam and must be scrapped, Cosatu president Sidumo Dlamini said on Thursday.

“The world is looking for a way out,” Dlamini told delegates attending the sixth Presidential Council of the World Federation of Trade Unions in Johannesburg, according to a copy of his speech.

“It is unfortunate that when this inhuman system has been exposed at all levels of society, the left forces in the world do not speak with one voice and present their own alternatives.”
Dlamini urged union leaders to find alternatives to present to society, “given the glaring failures of capitalism”.
He said it was unacceptable that out of the seven billion people on earth, more than 925 million remained hungry and without hope.
“How can this happen and the world keeps quiet to openly point out that capitalism has failed humanity?”
A recent report by the International Labour Organisation shows that about 1.1 billion people in the world are either unemployed or living in poverty.
Dlamini told union leaders they carried a heavy burden to provide answers to the unemployed.
“It is us, the left axis in the world, who must provide an answer on how to build the 600 million jobs needed to sustain economic growth and maintain social stability,” he said.
“It is us who must table a solution before society on how to address unemployment by the more than 74.8 million youths who are part of the 3.3 billion global labour force.”

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