Australia: Asylum seekers made to feel at home, thanks to a $10,000 welcome pack

Yup, that’s right. This insane Labor government, which is keeping the PM chair warm until next election, are hell bent on making 22 million people in Australia really angry. This week alone, 450 refugees economic migrants have boated into Australia, looking for their packet of free goodies i.e. free: health, dentistry, housing, education, transport. The Rudd Labor government dismantled the very successful Howard border policies – because they weren’t compassionate enough (!) – and as a result a flood of economic migrants have decided that Australia is their land of milk and honey. A recent report by the Australian Department of Immigration shows that 95% of ‘refugees’ are still on welfare 5 years after being in the country. That’s how successful they are at integrating and not WORKING for their candy. Today we hear that this insane government are supplying these so-called asylum seekers with free goodies to help them set up their first home. Bugger the tax payers, the pensioners, the homeless, the poor – no, we need to pay for illegal immigrants to settle into Australian life. The ALP government are heaping more and more BS onto themselves and the day can’t come soon enough when Australia can get rid of these socialists – hopefully before they bankrupt the country. And they wanted Howard out to vote this lot into power? 

ASYLUM seekers are receiving welcome packs of furnishings worth up to $10,000 and food hampers as they wait for their refugee claims to be processed.

Beds, fridges, mattresses, couches and items such as alarm clock radios, clothes hangers and containers for biscuits are being bought in a “household goods formation package” that contains more than 60 items.

The package includes a television with a minimum screen size of 53cm.

A family of five in community detention is eligible for goods valued at $7100.

Families of more than nine can receive up to $9850 in furnishings, the federal Opposition said after Senate hearings this week.

Asylum seeker families in Sydney arrive to a hamper of bread, butter, milk, eggs, other essentials, and cleaning products. Families with a baby can access a $750 pack of basic supplies, while phone and electricity connections are also paid for.

The assistance is on top of free doctors’ visits, dental care, pharmaceuticals, and education, and payments of up to $433.25 a fortnight.

Asylum seekers are not allowed to work.

In Sydney suburbs, 97 homes are being rented at an average cost of $416 a week. Nationally, almost 1600 asylum seekers are being housed in community detention.

A spokesman for Immigration Minister Chris Bowen said the Government was being responsible in providing basic provisions while asylum seekers’ claims were being assessed.

“People do not get to keep the goods. They remain in a house when a family moves out and are used by the next people who move in,” he said.

“These people are not allowed to work.”

The Red Cross provides the packages.

“They are basic supplies. We are not talking about luxury here,” the Red Cross’s spokesman, Michael Raper, said.



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  1. well said!

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