South Africa: Zuma wants more science graduates

If Zuma were serious he’d let White kids study at University. Instead, South African universities set a much higher entrance standard for the White’s and a much lower one for the Blacks – and then also restrict the number of Whites allowed into these institutions. Today South Africa sits with a huge problem in that they don’t have an educated workforce with the necessary qualifications (you can work out why on your own – just add 2 + 2). South Africa is run by a President who has Grade 5 (Std 3) and he has promised millions of jobs for his 27% unemployed cadres. Hey Zuma, let your cadres go study maths and science so they can help you save South Africa. It’s been 17 years since Apartheid fell so you can’t blame the Bantu education anymore – even though it produced the highest educated Blacks in Africa. No, the ANC knew better than the Whites, with their slogan being ‘liberation before education’. They burnt down their schools and libraries – and burnt their own people – so they could be free and also free not to study. Well, how does it feel to finally be free? Come on ANC supporters, your country needs you. Off to university you go so you can learn how to build bridges and high-rise buildings – but please paint them bright pink so I know which ones to avoid!

South Africa has to increase the number of graduates in engineering and sciences as it rolls its R300bn infrastructure programme over the next seven years, President Jacob Zuma said on Thursday.

“Honourable Minister of Economic Development Ebrahim Patel pointed out the scarce skills which could impact on the infrastructure programme, such as engineering, project management, financing, procurement and technical skills such as artisans, technologists and technicians,” Zuma said.
“In particular, we need to increase the number of graduates in engineering and the sciences.”
It was for this reason that the government had programmes such as the Youth into Science Strategy to encourage pupils to pursue science, engineering, technology and mathematics studies at tertiary level.
The department of higher education was working with the deans at tertiary institutions to determine short to medium term strategies to achieve the 2014 graduate output targets for scarce skills, Zuma said.
“I will meet with the principals of Further Education and Training Colleges in April to discuss their role in producing the skills that will make our economy grow faster and be sustainable.”

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