American debt explained in terms even toddlers can understand

I saw this on Fox News the other evening and thought that it was a good analogy to help explain the American debt in easy, understandable terms. From the example below, if this was your family budget you’d be screwed. Trimming only $385 when you have a debt of $166 800.00? Well, just add 8 zeroes to each line and you have the American debt summed up. And Obama wants another $1.2 trillion bailout! Is he insane or just carrying out the wishes of his puppet masters?

President Obama says his new budget will put the country on a more sustainable fiscal path, but his path adds $1.3 trillion dollars to our already massive debt.

What would happen if you planned your family’s budget the way the politicians plan theirs? I showed people this chart:
Everyone agreed that this would be a ridiculous household budget.
But that’s the federal budget, if you just add 8 zeroes!
People on the street were horrified at our debt, but when I asked them what they would cut, most had no clue.

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