How Entitlement America is strangling the rest of America

The American entitlement society…..very scary. When a family of three on minimum wage ($14 500 per year) has more disposable income than a family making $60 000, then there is something very wrong in the world. It’s also why America is going to hit the wall very soon. And still people don’t get it….

The numbers apply to Mississippi:

The  chart below comes from the Republican Study Committee on the decline in jobs. They describe it as follows:

It depicts the percentage of Americans in the labor force from January 2005 (commonly known as the “good old days” through January 2012. The decline in the number of working Americans is staggering. And note that Barack Obama became president in January 2009, about 3/4 of the way through the gray “recession,” and just before the “stimulus” that is marked with a red dot. What has happened since Obama took office is that the jobs situation has steadily deteriorated:



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