Australia: Election needed to move beyond Gillard-Rudd war, says Opposition leader

This morning Australia woke to the news that a YouTube video of former Asutralian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, had been posted, showing him swearing and ranting in the out-takes during the recording of one of his speeches. In case you are not familiar with the Australian situation, here is a summary:
In late 2007, Rudd swept John Howard out of office to became the new Labor Prime Minister. In June 2010, his deputy Julia Gillard, stabbed him in the back by deposing him as leader of the ALP and she therefore became PM by default. Reasons given at the time for the Rudd stabbing was that he had lost his way. Julia Gillard initially was hailed as the new Wonder Woman, but pretty soon her true colors started showing through and the public started revolting. She was at such a low that by the election in August 2010, she LIED to the public out of desperation, by saying that there wouldn’t be a Carbon Tax under a government she lead. People bought her lies and the ALP got just enough votes to form a minority government with the help of 2 treacherous Independents and the Greens. This should have been a warning of just how unpopular she was and what the ALP were doing to the country. Instead, with the Greens backing, she announced a few weeks later that there would be a Carbon Tax after all. Her Party tried to put out the fires, but the majority of Australians are rightly angry and ready to toss these liars out on their ear. As a result, Gillard’s approval ratings have tanked and her party reached a new polling low (it has since recovered slightly with the help of her rusted on supporters), and her party will be huge losers at the next election on current form. In the meantime, Kevin Rudd, the bitter resentful man, has been stirring up leader speculation. If Gillard was as good a negotiator as she thought she was she would have got rid of Rudd at the last election. Instead he’s been allowed to fester and poison and has his sights not only on the PM job again, but on revenge against Gillard. For the last few weeks, instead of the government leading, they’ve been fielding constant questions about the potential leadership challenge. It’s been all about Rudd. Last Monday Gillard made a fatal decision to appear on a TV documentary where she was asked, if as she claims she didn’t know about the Rudd knifing until the day it happened, why were her office writing her PM acceptance speech 2 weeks before the knifing. This was news to the public and she couldn’t answer – or more accurately, she refused to answer if she knew about the speech. It made her look like a conniving, deceitful person. And now this YouTube leak against Rudd, which doesn’t show him in a good light. The leak, according to speculation, was made by her department, by people who don’t want to work for Rudd again. A lot of people in the ALP government dislike him – only the people in the electorate who don’t know his real control-freak personality do. The video clip gives a good summary of what he’s all about. So, the media is once again full of speculation as to when Gillard will herself be knifed and by whom. Who can feel sorry for her? I certainly don’t. From the start I saw right through her – she’s a Fabian Socialist and all the policies she’s shoved through parliament have socialist slants. More welfare and redistribution funded by the have’s to the have not’s/don’t want to work for it crew – her voters. Well, the chickens are coming home to roost on Ms Gillard. She chose to depose of her Leader by any means possible and now she must live with the consequences. Let’s hope Ms Gillard is put out to pasture in shame as she deserves. If you live by the sword, then chances of you dying by the sword are pretty good, so here’s to you Ms Gillard. Good riddance. The Opposition need just sit back and watch the TV Soap Opera unfold before their eyes as the ALP self-destruct. And if they think that Rudd, or any person from their front bench, can save this Party of lost souls and empty promises, then they are in for a rude awakening come election day. And to top it all, they’ve put Australia into debt of $229 BILLION since taking office in 2007 – after they were left with a $20 billion surplus! That’s what Labor does to you – they soon run out of our money and rack up the credit card.

LABOR’S internal war over the leadership has paralysed the federal government, made it totally dysfunctional and a fresh election is needed, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott said today.
Mr Abbott seized on reports Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd is preparing to challenge Prime Minister Julia Gillard for the Labor leadership.
The Australian today reported Mr Rudd has 40 of the 52 votes he needs to topple Ms Gillard, predicting he will have a tilt at the leadership ahead of the May federal budget.
It has also been reported the NSW Right faction will allow its members to vote for whoever they want.
Mr Abbott said the federal government was completely dysfunctional and the situation could not go on.
“Right now in Canberra, the government is at war with itself,” he told reporters in Brisbane, while campaigning with LNP leader Campbell Newman.
“We’ve really got three Labor parties at the moment, we’ve got the Gillard Labor party, the Rudd Labor party and the neither Labor party.”
The problem was not the Labor leader but the party’s policies, and another election was needed, Mr Abbott said.
“We’ve got to change the policies of the government, not just change the leader of the government.
“And the way to change policies is to change the government and have an election.
“I think the government of Australia is too important to be paralysed while the faceless men try and decide who the leader should be.”
Mr Rudd campaigned in Brisbane yesterday and Mr Abbott said that while he and Mr Newman had been talking to Queenslanders, the Foreign Minister had basically been talking about himself.
“If the problem is that we have a totally dysfunctional federal government, it cannot go on like this,” Mr Abbott said.
“In the end, it’s not just a question of changing leaders. I would like to see our country better governed.
“It won’t be better governed until we’ve got better policies in place.”
Finance Minister Penny Wong today reaffirmed her support for Ms Gillard when pressed on the leadership issue. “I’ve got a job to do,” she told Sky News.
Senator Wong’s response mirrored that of the Prime Minister, when was asked yesterday if it would be better to have a spill and clear the air once and for all.

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