South Africa: North West farmer shot dead

White farmers are being murdered daily in South Africa. If I posted each article then that’s all this blog would be about, but it’s my duty to keep exposing what is happening in South Africa – the quiet genocide of a people. And the ANC stands by whilst their cadres do their murdering. I can almost guarantee that the women was not only assaulted by a blunt object on her head. This is what is going on in the country. The men are being wiped out and the women assaulted, raped and left to pick up the pieces – defenseless and scared. If you want to see pictures of victims just Google ‘South African farm attacks’ and then images. Thank you liberals the world over for giving the South African people a Black, savage government. May you all rot in hell.


Mahikeng – A farmer was shot dead in Buffelshoek on Monday morning, North West police said.

The 49-year-old man and his wife were milking cows in their dairy when they were overpowered by about five armed men, said Brigadier Thulani Ngubane.

The dairy is roughly 70 metres away from the couple’s farmhouse.

“They were both taken back to the farmhouse where there was a confrontation between the suspects and the farmer. He was shot in the head from behind.”

He died on the scene.

“His wife was taken inside the house and tied up. She was assaulted … on her head with a blunt object,” said Ngubane.

The gang fled in the farmer’s car. The woman was taken to hospital for medical treatment.



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  1. Hi Limelight,
    The absolute brutality in which they are comitted, the hatred that goes with it numbs the brain. How one human can do that to another is simply mindboggling.
    The apathy from South Africans is something that I fail to grasp. Be they white or black. Its like if you dont talk about it, it will simply go away. Dont trouble trouble or trouble will trouble you, as a good friend used to say.
    Thanks for raising the subject on your blog. Mike Smith, Adraina , TIA, and handfull of others try keep the world informed. As you know the regular media will never highlight it. There must be something else we could do??

  2. @ Dingo – I don't know what else to do but to report it on my blog for the readers to be aware. Farmers need to stand together and demand their commandos back. The only reason they were dismantled was so that the farm murders could be committed by these savages.

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