South Africa: Farm attack suspects on the run

Who pours boiling water over a two-year old defenseless child? Black African savages that’s who. Five men tortured a family on a farm near Cramond, KwaZulu-Natal and then robbed them for good measure. This continuous assault on the White farming community of South Africa is nothing but terrorism under the guise of ‘crime’. This assault is designed to put the fear into the farmers and get them off their land – without the government having to do any of the dirty work themselves. The government has of course done nothing to condemn or stop these farm attacks and you have to wonder why. Most attacks end in brutal murder and usually nothing is stolen, but the crime is noted as a robbery and not a murder. This attack will be documented as a robbery and not a farm attack and torture. This is unacceptable and the ANC will have a lot to answer for one day – which will never happen under our liberal controlled world. The ANC fear no one as they know they can get away with anything, as they tighten their dictatorial hold on the country. And the West looks away….

KwaZulu-Natal police have launched a manhunt for five men who robbed and tortured a family on a farm near Cramond.

Police say one of the family members noticed the men making their way onto the Midlands farm on Sunday night.  

As he opened the door to investigate, two armed suspects forced themselves into the house – hitting the man in the process. The other three suspects then made their way into the house as well. 

Police say the men demanded money, keys to the safe as well as guns. 

The police’s Joey Jeevan says one of the suspects boiled water and poured it on the victims – one of whom is a two-year-old child.  

She says the family members who were hospitalised have been discharged and are on the road to recovery.  

Jeevan has urged community members to assist with their investigation. 

“The suspects ransacked the house and the vehicles parked outside and took jewellery, a 9mm pistol and a large amount of cash. They fled from scene in a gold Toyota Run-X with false GP registration plates. Anyone with information that will assist can contact the Crammond Police Station or Crime Stop,” she said.


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