French minister under fire for ‘racist’ remarks

Once again realism is portrayed as racism. The French Interior Minister Claude Gueant, has voiced his concern over the increase in immigrants into France which clash with French culture i.e. Muslim and maybe third-world Black immigrants. Isn’t it just amazing that the Sarkozy government has been in power for so many years and yet it’s only at election time that they start making the right noises? It couldn’t possibly be that they’re worried about the rise in popularity of the Front National party (FN), lead by French woman Marine Le Pen. Ms Le Pen has always advocated for a restriction on Muslim immigration so her story has never changed – but the Sarkozy government has had years to address this increasing problem and has only now decided to make it an election concern. Well, apart from what Mr Gueant said being true, he really can keep the rest. Hopefully France will see what a farce this is and vote for Ms Le Pen in huge numbers, because do you honestly think that Sarkozy will do anything about this issue if re-elected? I don’t think so. The other scenario is that the Socialists get voted in and immigration is increased and the country becomes completely socialist. France has a very important decision to make – let’s hope they make the right one.

Ms Marine Le Pen

FRENCH Interior Minister Claude Gueant, a hardliner close to President Nicolas Sarkozy, came under fire today for the second time in a month for comments deemed racist by liberals.

At a meeting late Friday in support of Sarkozy’s bid for a new term as president, Gueant condemned proposals by the president’s socialist opponent Francois Hollande to give the vote in local elections to immigrants.
“We don’t want foreign town councillors making halal food obligatory in canteen meals …. or regulating mixed bathing in swimming pools,” Gueant told an audience near Nancy in eastern France.
Hollande’s spokesman Manuel Valls called the comments “nauseating”, while centrist candidate Francois Bayrou accused Gueant of scaremongering.
The immigrant aid group France Terre d’Asile condemned “the pathetic quest of a minister who forgets his official duties in the hope of adding the votes of a few extremists to his side.”
Gueant, who is responsible for immigration, sparked a storm a month before when he told a gathering of right-wing students that “for us all civilisations are not of equal value.”
“Those which defend humanity seem to us to be more advanced than those that do not,” he said, stressing the need to “protect our civilisation”.
The left denounced his speech as an attempt by President Nicolas Sarkozy to woo supporters of the far-right National Front (FN) ahead of the two-round presidential election in April and May.
Gueant has repeatedly linked immigration with crime in France and in January claimed the delinquency rate among immigrants was “two to three times higher” than the national average.
Last April, he declared that an increase in the number of Muslim faithful in France posed a “problem”.
He has also said that he wants to reduce the number of legal immigrants entering France, including those coming to work legally or to join their families.
His latest comments came as the FN’s presidential candidate Marine Le Pen is credited with between 16 and 20 percent support in opinion polls.
An aide to Gueant said Saturday that he had said virtually the same thing in the French Senate last year in a debate on an unsuccessful socialist bill for widening the local vote to foreigners apart from EU expatriates, who already have the right.

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