Australia: Giggling rapists get three years for attacking young country mum

Three Sudanese youths gang raped a young Australian mother. Their sentence? Well, they got the maximum – a whole 36 months. Wow, such a harsh sentence for the next generation of criminal thugs being bred in Australia. This is the thanks the country gets for importing African ‘refugees’. How anyone could think that this very bad social experiment was going to work is beyond me. The Sudanese I see in Melbourne walk around in gangs, and people are very wary of them. Apparently Australians need to embrace them and help them assimilate. How do you assimilate people from such a different culture and race? However, government agencies fawn all over them, giving them everything and more to help them make their transition into Australian life as easy as possible. When this doesn’t happen, Australians are blamed for not doing their fair share of acceptance. In the meantime, Sudanese gangs are going around terrorizing the locals and committing crimes – which are either not reported or the race of the perpetrators is omitted. All so that the Australian people don’t see the issues the Sudanese are having adjusting to a First World mentality. Can Western countries be this stupid? The answer apparently is yes. 

Some New Australians – the Sudanese and their hundreds of children

THREE Sudanese youths who raped a young married mother in her country home as her two children slept in another room have been handed the maximum possible penalty in a Children’s Court.

The youths – aged 14, 16 and 17 at the time of the January 2011 rape – sat whispering and giggling among themselves before the magistrate sentenced them this afternoon.
In sentencing, the magistrate said the trio committed a cruel, callous and degrading attack on the “vulnerable young mother” for their own sexual gratification.
The victim was traumatised and experienced ongoing problems, the magistrate said.
Despite the fact the youths had assimilation problems and no prior convictions, the magistrate today sentenced all three of them to 36-month terms in juvenile detention – the maximum penalty available in the juvenile jurisdiction.
“These are very serious offences,” the magistrate said.

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  1. The Australian government is made up of liberal tits, like that Kevin Rudd,and that not so new priminister women.I don't live in Australia,but as you travel around the world and you meet an Aussie the liberal bullshit just comes out of their mouths.I am happy I dont live there.It would not be my country of choice.

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