Report shows the Netherlands can leave the euro, says Wilders

I love the way the ‘journalist’ who wrote this piece tries their utmost to paint the report as the mad rumblings of the euro-skeptics, so naturally it must be a conspiracy. No dear, it’s the truth. Most of the economies who have been lumped together under the kumbaya-currency known as the Euro, have all shrunk since it’s inception. The stats and facts are there before anyone’s eyes, yet they still try to ram this failed experiment down the European people’s throats. The best would be for the EU to admit that it’s been a total failure and scrap it pronto. However, to do that would be to admit their failed social experiment in trying to force different cultures under one banner and to treat them all the same. Who knew that Greeks, Germans and  Spanish life outlook and work culture were so different? Apparently not the EU commission.  So far, the only ones who have prospered under the EU are the EU politicians and its bureaucracy. They get huge salaries and travel between Belgium and France every 6 months and live free on the backs of the EU members, dreaming up more red tape and petty rules to bash their members over the head with. Not only that, but they get to set up EU courts where they can impose their Left totalitarian decisions on other countries they don’t govern. How did Europe and England allow this power grab to happen??? Europe is the cradle of civilisation, yet they allow themselves to be led by the nose by a bunch of monkey politicians. Good luck Mr Wilders. I certainly hope you do get your referendum and that the Dutch people speak loud and clear.    

A report into the cost of the euro commissioned by Geert Wilders shows the Netherlands can return to the guilder, the PVV leader said at the presentation on Monday afternoon.

‘The results go against everything we are told in the media and by the left-wing elite on a daily basis,’ Wilders said. ‘The Netherlands can go back to the guilder.’
The research states the shift to the euro has hit the Netherlands’ prosperity. For example, the Dutch economy has grown by an average 1.25% since the euro was introduced, compared with 3% in the 20 preceding years.

Yet over the past 10 years, the economies of Sweden and Switzerland, which are not members of the eurozone, have grown 2.25% and 1.75% respectively, the report states.
Leaving the euro now will cost up to €51bn, but that will be more than offset by a €75bn saving on propping up the single currency, Wilders said. He wants a referendum on the issue.
The report was drawn up by British research group Lombard Street Research, which is known for its euro-sceptic position.
Charles Dumas of Lombard Street Research told Nos television: ‘We have always considered the euro to be a failed project’. Nevertheless, the report drawn up for the PVV is independent, Nos quotes him as saying.

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