SAIRR CEO Orders Researcher to ignore evidence of TRC Fraud and White Genocide

There are idiots all around us, and none more so than liberal White idiots. These are the people who will ignore what’s right in front of their faces so that they can maintain the farce and hide the truth so as not to ‘rock the boat’. These types of liberal acts have led to millions of people being murdered by despots just so that the facade of nothing-to-see-here can be perpetrated and the cracks papered over. So too is this the case with Ms Lucy Holborn. Ms Holborn, Research Manager at the South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR), has decided to look the other way when asked about the White genocide claims from the South Africa Project in the USA. The South Africa Project held rallies across 13 American States on 27-Feb to highlight the plight of the South African Whites. Their goal was to focus attention on the Black on White racist crimes, especially the rapes, murders and other atrocities on this group of people. Ms Holborn had the following to say: 

“There is a danger in suggesting genocide is going on…it builds resentment in the other direction,” she said. “The more people hear white people complain about their situation, the more goodwill, promoted by people like Mandela, will fade. For a lot of people that’s frustrating, because in most cases crime is still happening in greater numbers against blacks.”  

How’s that for burying your head in the sand, all so that the ‘goodwill’ promoted by Black terrorists like Mandela won’t fade. Hang your head in shame Ms Holborn and your fellow cronies at the SAIRR. I’m sure if you dig your head further into the sand you’ll see China one day. It has now come to light that the CEO of the SAIRR – another White apologist liberal, Mr John Berman –  instructed Ms Holborn to ignore the genocide and TRC fraud submission by the Radical Honesty – SA group to the SAIRR. Yes people, this is how the concerns of ordinary White’s are ignored by those who know better and who don’t want to rock the boat. Why have a SAIRR you ask? Why, it’s so that liberal Whites and radical Blacks have a tax-payer funded love-fest where they can be in control of the race agenda – hide what they don’t want the world to know and expose anything they do. And you don’t have to ask which race is better looked after – it certainly isn’t the Whites. We need to look after our own – no one else is going to and certainly not liberal idiot wankers like Ms Holborn and Mr Berman.

Please note that there are disturbing photos below the article. I’m posting them so that people can see why Whites are afraid.

SAIRR CEO Orders Researcher to ignore evidence of TRC Fraud and White Genocide
SAIRR CEO John Kane Berman Orders Researcher Lucy Holborn to Ignore Radical Honesty SA Request to SAIRR for Clarification of SAIRR ‘Genocide’ Statements in Big Issue Article, RE: SA Project ‘Stop SA Genocide’ Protest in US Capitals on 27 Feb 2012
On Monday, 27 February 2012, the South Africa Project — a coalition of concerned citizens — held their first Rally to protest South African Boer Genocide in the states of: Alabama, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, Maryland, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Texas.
The SA Project ‘Stop SA Genocide’; rally was ignored by all South Africa’s media; except for the Big Issue and South African and American bloggers.
Michael Schmidt, the Executive Director for the Institute for the Advancement of Journalism in South Africa, believes; that the South African media ignore and self-censor racially motivated ‘Hate Crimes’ against Boers, who prop up South Africa’s statist democrat farce.
The Big Issue — South Africa’s magazine sold by the homeless — articleAmericans march in solidarity with boer brethren to protest ‘racist’ crime in SA; interviewed SA Institute of Race Relations Researcher Lucy Holborn.
Ms. Holborn disputed the claim of genocide against SA’s whites, said it caused resentment against Mandela’s so-called reconciliation goodwill, that blacks were proportionally greater victims of crime, and that there was very little evidence of racial hatred motivation for crimes.
Radical Honesty – SA resubmitted their evidence of Genocide and South Africa’s TRC Fraud to SAIRR, asking SAIRR for clarification as to why this evidence was being ignored.
Radical Honesty SA’s Questions to SAIRR covered the submission of evidence regarding:
* Genocide & Ethnic Cleansing of White SA’s: Anti-Apartheid Movements (AAM) Censorship of Honourable Genocide complaints submitted to AAM for Investigation and Discussion
* Reconciliation: Sincere or Fraud? Re: Anti-Apartheid Movements Censorship of Honourable TRC Fraud complaints submitted to AAM for Investigation and Discussion
* Anti-Apartheid Movement, African and ‘Foxy Liberals’ Resentment for Being Exposed as TRC Fraud Hypocrits
* Proportional Majority of Crime is Against Blacks: Anti-Apartheid Movement Ignores Studies and Evidence to the Contrary:
* Racially Motivated Crime Statistics: Anti-Apartheid Movement, Africans and ‘Foxy Liberals’ ignore violence and cruelty of black on white attacks motivation: racial hatred &/or gang status.
* Foxy Liberal Whites in Anti-Apartheid Movement consider blacks to be psychologically / spiritually / culturally or morally inferior; by demanding blacks be held to lower moral standards than whites.
A copy of the Radical Honesty SA Email: “RE: SAIRR | Big Issue | SA Project | Modesto Anarcho | Occupy Oakland >> RE: Evidence of SA’s TRC Fraud & Ethnic Cleansing” was submitted to Big Issue, SA Project, Modesto Anarcho and Occupy Oakland.
SAIRR CEO Mr. John Kane Berman responded ordering Researcher Lucy Holborn to ignore the submission of SA’s TRC Fraud and Genocide of Whites, with “Lucy: this e-mail must be ignored”.
Radical Honesty SA evidence included: (A) TRC Fraud complaint to Norwegian Nobel Committee; (B) Amicus Curiae submissions to Constitutional Court & Supreme Court of Appeal; (C) Genocide complaint to International Criminal Court; and (D) African White Refugees Jus Sanguinis petition to EU Progenitor Nations.
The social contract foundation of Radical Honesty SA’s culture is Radical Honesty about Anger & Forgiveness.

SAIRR CEO Orders Researcher to ignore evidence of TRC Fraud and White Genocide

SAIRR CEO Orders Researcher to ignore evidence of TRC Fraud and White Genocide
Plaasmoorde = Farm murders

SAIRR CEO Orders Researcher to ignore evidence of TRC Fraud and White Genocide
SAIRR CEO Orders Researcher to ignore evidence of TRC Fraud and White Genocide


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